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Rang Beach

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Rang Beach today has become an attractive tourist attractions alluring tourists with immense white sand dunes and towering coconut groves. Immersed in the peaceful scenery with romantic nature, tourists surely get the extremely enjoyable experiences.

Located 15 km from Phan Thiet city to the northeast, Rang Beach is gradually becoming one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mui Ne. Running along National Highway 706 from Phan Thiet city to Mui Ne is a gentle sand hills and spacious sandy shores along with wonderful coconut groves. It is home to the great number of reefs dead, petrified or submerged in waters. Mingling with the coral reefs and reefs is the splendid golden sandy beach. This is one of the most unique features of Bai Rang Beach compared to other beaches in Mui Ne.


A corner of Bai Rang Beach


Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia thanks to its blue clear sea water and vast sandy hills. It also converges numerous luxury resorts which is suitable for leisure demanding of tourists. Not only is it famous for White Sand Dunes, Mui Ne tourism in general as well as Rang Beach in particular impressed tourists by lush coconut groves endlessly stretching along the arc-shaped coast. The towering coconut trees leaning into the coast create a romantic scenery for the beach. Tourists can comfortably gather under the coconut groves to enjoy the cool refreshing feelings that sea breezes blow into. That is also the reason why the large number of tourists choose Bai Rang Beach as the rendezvous to go swimming and enjoy the wonderful space.


Coconut groves at Rang Beach


Rang Beach is also home to an old small fishing village of the indigenous people. Many tourists love to take a stroll along the beach, away from the resort for going sightseeing. From early morning, the small boats and coracles carry full of fish, squid, and crab into the shore... When these coracles are rowed ashore, two fishermen stand at both sides spinning the boats and then pull up the sand. The other fishermen also help to push them into the shore. Walking and taking photos along the beach, many tourists also feel enjoyable when helping the fishermen with their work. The atmosphere is extremely casual and peaceful, yet it deeply leaves good impressions in the heart of tourists. Discovering the tranquil daily life of the fishing village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Mui Ne.


Mui Ne fishing village


As one of the most beautiful Mui Ne beaches and Binh Thuan beaches, Rang Beach is credibly spacious and airy. Most of tourists would like to awake early to welcome the dawn on the sea. The sky is gradually rosy is the high time for tourists be able to prepare to take beautiful pictures, recording the transferring moment of the earth and sky. They enjoy taking pictures and talking to fishermen. The activities of the fishing village become the theme for the creation of tourists. They enthuse shooting. Some tourists sprawl on the ground to take the most beautiful pictures. It is unique cultural features and idyllic scenery that turn Bai Rang Beach into one of the most enchanting tourist sites in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.


Rang Beach in the morning


Among the amenities of modern resorts, the fishing village in Bai Rang Beach is considered as one of the cultural highlights attracting tourists. Activities of fishermen usually only last about 2 hours on the beach. The fresh fishes are transported to the village markets and small markets to sell customers. Then the fishing village becomes quiet. The fisherman take some rest and mend their nets. Thanks to this activity, tourists will have new photo themes of family and activities of the small fishing village. The locals here are extremely hospitable. They briskly mend their nets in preparation for the next fishing day but still talk to and answer tourists' questions. It would be wonderful experiences for tourists when participating in Mui Ne travel to Rang Beach.


String of fishing boats at Rang Beach


This is really a pure natural relaxing space. Deserving as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mui Ne, Bai Rang Beach is relatively shallow with gentle sandy shores stretching to the sea. Bathing in Rang Beach in the morning is extremely exciting. The sea water is credibly warm and comfortable after absorbing the energy during the previous day. Immersing in warm waters in the morning, tourists feel like to forget fatigue of the bustling life. The coast is not noisy. Tourists actually feels completely private and comfortable. The wave is neither too strong nor too smooth, which is enough to pat creating the unique sounds of the sea here. Tourists can lie for hours in the sand shore, closing their eyes to feel the melodies. Bai Rang significantly contributes to promote Mui Ne tourism in particular as well as Binh Thuan tourism in general closer to international friends.

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