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Can Tho Bridge

Hung Phu, Can Tho, Vietnam

Along with My Thuan Bridge, Can Tho Bridge significantly contributes in promoting Can Tho tourism in particular and Mekong Delta in general. The bridge is the point of connection between past and future opening a new phase in the development of the city.

Can Tho Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with the South East Asia's longest main span (main span is 550 meters in length), which was built by Official Development Aid (ODA) of Japanese Government and the reciprocal capital of Vietnamese Government issued by My Thuan Project Management Board (under Ministry of Transportation) as the investor representative. As one of the longest bridges in Can Tho, the total route length is 15.85 km (including part of approach ramp into the bridge on Vinh Long retaining 5,41km long; part of main bridge span and approach ramp owning the length of 2,75km and the approach ramp on Can Tho Bridge owning 7,69km long). The scale of cross-bridge retains 23,1m wide (including 4 lanes for traffic with 3.5m wide each and 2 pedestrian lanes with 2.75m wide each). The bridge ensures 10,000 DWT vessels easily flowing through. Not only owning important significance in terms of economy, Can Tho Bridge is also the fascinating tourist site in Can Tho travel significantly contributing in the development of the city.


Can Tho Bridge view from afar


In the role of a center city, the engine of growth throughout the region, the role of a developing pole in the key economic region of the country and its position of centrally city type I, Can Tho city with the relatively low starting point will need to develop quickly, strongly and sustainably in the future. In particular, investing in the development and construction of infrastructure is considered as fundamental and critical aspects to the overall development of the city. Can Tho tourism in particular and Mekong Delta in general will find the conditions for its development thanks to the presence of Can Tho Bridge. Therefore, Can Tho bridge put into operation will be a great incentive to promote the development of local cities all over the fields. Discovering Can Tho Bridge is also one of the most unforgettable things to do in Can Tho.


Can Tho Bridge on Vinh Long side


On the benefits of transportation, Can Tho Bridge shortens time of freight and travel demands between Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho and has no traffic jams for hours at the ferry on rush hours, holidays, Tet holiday, which saves considerable time. On the economic benefits, thanks to the appearance of Can Tho Bridge, the freight time of agricultural products and fisheries from the provinces in Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding areas will be faster. In addition, the products will much fresher and cheaper and more exports while reducing transport costs will lead to reduce production costs and increase competitiveness ability. On the benefits of tourism, Can Tho Bridge will be definitely one of the new appealing tourist attractions in Can Tho in the tourism development of the city in particular and Mekong Delta tourism in general.


On Can Tho Bridge


Currently, the National Highways passing through the territory of Can Tho city (connecting Can Tho Bridge through provinces, namely An Giang, Hau Giang, Kien Giang, Soc Trang, Ca Mau) include National Highway 1 to Ca Mau province; National Highway 91 to An Giang province; National Highway 91B - Nam Song Hau (South of Hau River) road to Soc Trang province and Bac Lieu province along with the path connecting Vi Thanh town, Hau Giang province with Can Tho city having been implementing its construction. Completion of construction works mentioned above will further promote the exploitation of Can Tho Bridge, which contributes to develop Mekong River Delta key economic region and creates a system of continuous road traffic. The system including horizontal axis connecting with the national longitudinal axis and inter-regional transport routes promisingly meets the requirements of exchanges and economic, social, cultural and tourism development among provinces in Mekong Delta region.


Stunning scenery of Can Tho Bridge


As one of exciting Can Tho attractions, Can Tho Bridge significant contributes in promoting the development of economy, society as well as Can Tho tourism. It is regarded as one of the 10 largest bridges at the time of its construction. Not only connecting the riverbanks of Hau River, Can Tho Bridge also plays an important role in the exchange among regions in Mekong River Delta contributing to bring the region's position to be worth its potential and strengths. Can Tho Bridge thus also significantly promotes Mekong Delta travel closer to international friends.

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