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Tra Nhieu Ecological Village

Duy Vinh Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is one of few villages in Quang Nam province retaining the typical characteristics of the villages in Vietnam. The charming natural scenery and unique traditional handicrafts will surely be impressions tourists never forget.

Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is situated in Tra Dong village, Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. The tourist village has a long-lasting forming and developing history, the peaceful and charming space still retaining typical features of Vietnamese villages. With the natural area of 60 ha, it is one of the ecological villages in Quang Nam with the famous traditional handicrafts, namely fisheries, mat weaving or nipa palm leaves braiding... Tourists to Tra Nhieu Village can interact with people living in villages or fishing in the Nipa palm garden. Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is becoming one of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Quang Nam, an indispensable tourist address in the journey of discovering Hoi An travel.


Floating bridge at Tra Nhieu Village


The road leading into Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is tortuous and winding filled with the areca's aroma. Tra Nhieu brings the appearance of a Thanh Da Peninsula in the heart of Saigon, a miniature Mekong Delta or a Cam Thanh or Thuan Tinh (Hoi An)... Stepping amidst tranquil scenery, tourists will find it easy to catch the hammocks gently swaying with the wind. Immersing in the year-round verdant Nipa palm forest about 10 hectares wide, tourists can comfortably admire the wonderful scenery of the tourist area. Few people along the small paths, the loving couples hand in hand through the bamboo bridge are unique highlights bringing Tra Nhieu Ecological Village to become one of the fascinating tourist Quang Nam attractions alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists. It has been considered as one of the most captivating ecological villages in Vietnam.


Tranquil scenery at Tra Nhieu Village


The more deeply going into Tra Nhieu Village, the more tourists feel the rustic and peaceful life of gentle and hospitable people in the countryside, traditional occupations, the rustic dishes and community activities inspiring characteristics of villages in Vietnam. Tra Nhieu Village is also home to numerous diverse occupations such as livestock farming, fisheries on the river and the sea, traditional handicraft mat... and the great number of traditional specialty dishes of the region, namely mussels, jellyfishes, creeks, shrimps, crabs, fishes, crabs... along with many other traditional dishes in the countryside.  Discovering Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Quang Nam.


Tra Nhieu Ecological Village - net on the river


In particular, tourists will have a chance to witness the stages of Ban Thach mat weaving when traveling to the village. This traditional handicraft today has been handed and preserved the craft production modes. All of phases from planting, harvesting material to covering, drying, dyeing, weaving are complimented from the skillful hands of the peasants. In particular, thanks to the immense water surface area stretching, Tra Nhieu is home to peaceful scenic sights and diverse types of seafood contributing to feed thousands of residents living along the river with traditional fishing. Here, tourists can participate in daily activities of the locals in the water region like real fishermen or take part in activities of "ho khoan" ("ho! row!" singing), "ba trao" singing on boats. Tourists will surely get great experiences when going to the village in the journey exploring Quang Nam travel.


Bewitching landscapes at Tra Nhieu Ecological Village


In particular, tourists to Tra Nhieu ecological village can take a stroll through the green forest with bamboo bridges or discover the coconut forests surroundings with the small boats or immerse themselves in the unique garden house areas. Under the areca rows, the locals also grow variety of vegetables to ensure fresh vegetables for their daily meals. The houses located deeply inside the garden with paths covered by rows of areca offer tourists the comfortable feelings in hot summer days. Here, tourists can comfortably enjoy the mellow feelings with hammocks swinging. What will be much more pleasant than having a chance to enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the sea and hear the birds singing. These experiences will be certainly extremely memorable.

Tra Nhieu Ecological Village has always stored and preserved ecological beauty of the countryside, community activities characterizing the typical of villages in the water regions and development of traditional handicraft villages. In particular, the locals here are always friendly and hospitable surely leaving good impressions in the hearts of tourists. Tra Nhieu Ecological Village displays its important contribution in promoting Quang Nam tourism to domestic and international tourists.

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