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Hoi An Silk Village

Nguyen Tat Thanh St, Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Located near Hoi An Ancient Town, Hoi An Silk Village gradually becomes an appealing attraction luring tourists. Coming here, tourists have a chance to ascertain about fabric-weaving methods as well as admire special handicraft products.

Far about 1km from the center of the ancient town, Hoi An Silk Village is home to sericulture presentations, silk weaving with a desire to honor the quintessence of Vietnamese handicraft villages. Here, to continue heritage road of Hoi An Ancient Town - World Cultural Heritage, Hoi An Silk Village is a living museum of mulberry, silkworm, tools and ways of Champa - Dai Viet textile and garment. The silk village is a home to keep traditional culture in order that people have a chance to ascertain about the cultural history of traditional silk, as well as costume culture at Hoi An cultural heritage.


Silk Lanterns - a kind of product in Hoi An Silk Village


These collections in Hoi An Silk Village aimed to provide the musings of the Silk Road countinously taking place on the sea few hundred years ago throughout the centuries when Hoi An was a Transhipment Hub of International Trade. Tourists to Hoi An Silk Village will have more opportunity to experience, explore values of spiritual culture, which contributes to support, empower the traditional Vietnamese craft village to find out spectacular renaissance. Travel to Hoi An Silk Village actually supports an in-depth look at Vietnam's history of silk production. Thanks to its meanings, many tourists have perceived the same sense after visiting Hoi An Silk Village. Accordingly, the life seems to be much tranquil and peaceful when tourists once set foot in the rendezvous.


Silk shop in Hoi An Silk Village


Hoi An Silk Village has still stored precious genetic resources of mulberry, silkworm, and found ancient mulberry varieties which left in the forest and were not hybridized with modern strawberry varieties. Here, ancient looms has been still weaving sleek silk strips by perfect silk fibers. Tourists can handpick mulberry for silkworms in the backyard, wear a traditional silk costume strolling around the village, listen to the folk vocal of rural girls, or enjoy delicacies of the locals. In particular, tourists will be advised how to choose the fine silk. Not merely manufacturing the silk, artisans also offer the embroidery and textile products... for tourists' purchase, making a good impression on the unique tourist spot. The silk village is also home to cultural events and meetings of cultural researches, writers and lovers of Quang Nam traditional silk. Hoi An Silk Village will promisingly become a center of silk production in Vietnam. The vitality of the craft village must start from these goals.


Embroidery workshop in Hoi An


Bar and restaurant in Hoi An Silk Village are spacious, well arranged, and decorated in accordance with ecological landscapes and the tranquil nature. In ecological and poetic landscapes which are not easily found elsewhere, tourists particularly have opportunity to enjoy numerous traditional dishes of Quang Nam. They all will be prepared by a serving team professionally trained, who are ready to meet satisfaction of their distinguished guests. In addition, those who wish to eat traditional Quang Nam food like “cao lau” (a soup made with noodles, pork and greens), “mi Quang” (noodles in Quang Nam’s style) and “com nieu” (rice cooked in earthenware pot) can ask artisans at the village. Tourists thus have long been considered the silk village as the ideal place to experience a peaceful life after a long time exploring Hoi An travel, Da Nang or My Son Sanctuary nearby. Especially, the restaurant also organizes cooking classes if required.


Young girls in traditional silk costume


Tourists to the village can comfortably contemplate 9 unique tourist spots, such as the traditional house showcasing 100 ancient costumes of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam through different historical periods; 300-year-old Champa mulberry garden; Vietnamese mulberry garden; the silkworm rearing house, craft silk reeling; Cham brocade weaving, Cuu Dien brocade weaving; silk product exhibition area… Gallery of silk products in Hoi An Silk Village is worth much astonishing findings about the elegance, nobility and also provides a method to decipher the authenticity of the silk.


Tourists in Hoi An Silk Village


Over years, with experiences of the professional technical team, Hoi An Silk Village has designed to meet the needs of fashion apparel, consumer and export for numerous customers, domestic and foreign tourists as well. Those who once have been served express the satisfaction as to be fulfilled their own dream long cherished. Products of silk village have long had the strong appeal for tourists. Hoi An Silk Village deserves one of the most engaging attractions in Hoi An tourism - an world heritage site.

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