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Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Phong Son, Phong Dien District, Hue, Vietnam

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is the ideal rendezvous of peaceful natural landscapes and the perfect services. Immersing in the hot springs or experiencing the great services of the tourist area, tourists will definitely experience unforgettable moments.

Located about 30km from Hue city to the northwest, Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is an excellent symphony of the most impressive characteristics that the Creator favorably bestows Hue. This is mineral water resources deeply hidden thousands of meter underground containing the large concentrations of Calcium Sulfate and Silicium..., which are good for health. Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs surely brings tourists wonderful leisure moments. Thanks to the advantages along with its excellent services, the hot springs has long become one of the appealing tourist attractions in Hue alluring both domestic and international tourists.


Charming scenery at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


This one of the most famous hot springs in Hue is situated in Phong Son commune, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien - Hue Province. The tourist area is constructed in an area of 50 ha. Beside the towering mountains are hills arranging adjacent each other. The green of the forests and greenery offers tourists the feelings of relaxed and comfortable right from first impression. Colorful cottages looming in the combination with a tranquil and peaceful space in the charming land create the senses of incredible serenity in the tourists' soul. It is appealing characteristics that bring Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs to become one of the most enchanting Hue attractions.


Tourists at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


The foot of the mountain is the picturesque natural stream along with winding streets. The central area between the green forests is home to soak in hot mineral water. Tourists can choose themselves one of the suitable outdoor bathing spots in the tourist area. Tourists can comfortably dip and enjoy in the warm streams or pure mineral water springs hovering around the hills with the temperature around 35 – 420C or in the diverse systems of lakes such as twin lakes or family lake... The particular characteristics as well as the highlight of the tourist area compared to other hot springs in Vietnam is that tourists can go to Thanh Tan any seasons around the year. On hot summer days, tourists can indulge under cool water with some entertainment game such as tube sliding, swimming in artificial beach or fountains... Meanwhile, in the cold weather of autumn or winter, Thanh Tan hot mineral springs surely becomes an ideal tourist spot.


Immerse in Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


The system of hostel is also built to serve the needs of tourists. After bathing, tourists can comfortably participate in the attractive programs of physical training, gymnastics or mineral water steam. A system of kitchen meeting the culinary needs on the spot as well as long-term for those who wish to stay in the resort. In particular, to meet the demands of entertainment for tourists, Thanh Tan also applies numerous attractive services such as bonfire interacting, massage services, karaoke or car rental to explore Hue travel... Thanh Tan offers appropriate entertainment services to meet the needs of visitors in each seasons around the year.  Discovering Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Hue.


Multifunctional lake at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


Setting foot on Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, tourists will have a chance to get exciting experiences with 2 adventure games recently appearing in Vietnam, namely Highwire - adventures on the treetops and Zipline - free flying overhead.  Besides, tourists can participate in exciting games like pool sliding, waving swimming pools, games in the waters, camping, and exploring the natural landscapes and local culture. In particular, Thanh Tan strongly attracts tourists with not only the beautiful pristine pool and the harmonious combination among forests, mountains and streams but also the wide range of excellent services to meet the needs of any demanding tourists. Discovering the tourist area will certainly leave unforgettable impressions in the journey of exploring Hue travel.


Zipline at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


Four seasons of spring - summer - fall - winter, Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is always crowded with tourists. Here, they will have an opportunity to soak in the hot springs full of natural minerals rising from the underground or untouched old Truong Son mountain range. It can be said that Thanh Tan tourist area increasingly creates clear difference in the pattern of eco-tourism on the central strip of land. Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs thus plays an important role in promoting Hue tourism to numerous international friends.

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