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An Hien Garden House

58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune, Hue City

Architecture and nature harmoniously blending together has brought An Hien Garden House to become the appealing attraction in Hue. Undergoing over a century of existence, the garden has remained almost intact landscapes and architectural features.

An Hien Garden House is located at 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Xuan Hoa village, Huong Long commune, Hue city. Like the Hue Imperial City and other architecture in Hue, the garden also overlooks the poetic Huong (Perfume) River and is not far from famous Thien Mu Pagoda. Beside the architecture of palaces, royal court and royal tombs... of old feudal dynasties, Hue has retained different architectural heritage - the garden house - the highlight bringing both noble quintessence and traditional folk colors. An Hien Garden House is designed as the epitome of architecture in Hue garden houses, strongly influenced by feng shui. Architecture and nature intertwines each other. It has long been one of the most fascinating attractions in Hue.


Entrance gate into An Hien Garden House


As one of the most famous garden houses in Hue, An Hien Garden House appeared in the late 19th century. Initially, the house belonged to the 18th Princess of King Duc Duc. It then was under the management of Mr. Tung Le in 1920. In 1936, Nguyen Dinh Chi was the owner of the house for resale from Mr. Tung Le. In 1940, Nguyen Dinh Chi died and left the garden for Mrs. Dao Thi Xuan Yen, his wife (Mrs. Yen was the principal of Dong Khanh Girl School at that time) to manage. Mrs. Dao Thi Xuan Yen is the longest owner who has most completely preserved and enhanced the values of An Hien Garden House until her death in 1997. Although undergoing 116 years of existence, the architectural space of the house has retained its ancient characteristics so far.


Traditional architecture at An Hien Garden House


The campus in An Hien Garden House is around 5,000m2 wide, which were built under the ancient traditional style of Vietnam and Hue. Entrance to the garden is the small arched gate built from mortars and bricks. Along the entrance are two rows of apricot originating from the North intertwined together and covering for shade. On the brick courtyard is a rectangular-shaped lake fully covered with waterlily and clusters of green grasses. There is a curtain screen right before the lake separating the way into the house. It is the unique architectural style that contributed to promote An Hien Garden House to become one of the most unique garden houses in Vietnam and ideal Hue attractions.


Two rows of apricot  into An Hien Garden House


The main architecture of An Hien Garden House includes 3 compartments - 2 wings which is located almost in the center of the garden delicately carved and nestled under the green garden. The house retains 135m2 wide with exemplary architecture of traditional architecture in general and beam house in Hue in particular. The whole frame structure in the house is made of wood. There are 48 pillars along with the truss system made of jackfruit wood, rafters made of Anisoptera scaphuls and ironwood inside the house. The pillars are put on the square-shaped pedestal. The system of rafters is carved delicate decorative patterns. Roofing tiles are laminated with the dragons flanking on top of edge sides and lotus-shaped motif on rooftop. In particular, the ancient furniture inside the house is always neat and tidy. Discovering An Hien Garden House is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Hue.


Inside An Hien Garden House


Not only is it a special home for generations retaining notable race, the beautiful architecture mingling with the poetic landscapes, An Hien is truly an ecological space, the garden converging 4 seasons' flavor. An Hien Garden House is home to all kinds of fruits such as Hai Duong lychee, mangosteen, durian, jackfruit and grapefruit. Many rows of trees here has possessed tens of years old, for instance, 2 rows of apricots at the entrance having grown since 1940. The garden here also houses the large number of rare varieties across 3 regions in Vietnam. It is possible to mention the mangosteen, durian, and dragon in the South; apricot, lychee in the North and strawberry, Ficus auriculata in the Central. This will definitely be one of the unforgettable experiences in the journey of exploring Hue travel to tourists.


Flower garden at An Hien Garden House


An Hien Garden House is not only famous for its charming natural scenery but also impressive thanks to the depth of the spiritual and cultural beauty crystallizing in each architectural feature. After more than a hundred years of existence, An Hien has undergone many owners, throughout many ups and downs of history and the rigors of time. An Hien Garden House is now a peaceful place, a cultural address of the ancient capital. It is the harmony of nature and human and home to return to the past. An Hien Garden House thus displays its important contribution to promote Hue tourism to the great number of domestic and international tourists.

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