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Ke Ga Lighthouse

Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Not only being the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia, Ke Ga Lighthouse is now also the highest lighthouse in the region with 200 spiral stairs and total height of 65m. It will actually be interesting feelings for tourists when setting foot on the venue.

Far about 30km from Phan Thiet city to the south, Ke Ga Lighthouse is situated in Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. The reason for its name is that the lighthouse is situated on a promontory 500m with its shape like a chicken. There is still not so many people realizing the attraction of Ke Ga Lighthouse, an interesting new tourist attractions in Phan Thiet. This tourist attraction is attracting tourists who not only love to discover a unique architectural work but also would like to relax amidst the charming romantic natural landscapes. Once standing at the Kenh Ga Lighthouse, tourists will truly enjoy the unforgettable feelings.


View from Ke Ga lighthouse in Mui Ne


Located on Khe Ga Island, the island retaining the most beautiful landscapes in Ham Thuan Nam waters, Ke Ga Lighthouse with strong posture soaring in the blue sky displays its position among the wonderful scenery of the turquoise sea water lacing with blue of clouds and sky. White of the sand shores, blue of the casuarina groves and white-pink granite cliffs make the place an indescribably charm, pristine and peaceful beauty. Discovering Ke Ga Lighthouse is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Phan Thiet.


Ke Ga Lighthouse seen from afar


Built in February 1897 under the design of Snavat, a French architect, the lighthouse was built of stone 35 meters high. The entire elevation from sea level to the lamp on the lighthouse is 65m.  The size of the lighthouse's edges is 3m wide and 2.5m wide of top. The thickness of the lighthouse from the foot to the height of 6 m is 1.6m. The higher the lighthouse is, the thinner it is with 1.5 m thick and thinnest position of 1m on the top of the construction. There is a with large bulb 2.000W on the top of the tower with a radius of 22 nautical metering, equivalent to 40 km, used as a guide signal passing ships. Not only does it play an important role in ensuring maritime safety for the region, Ke Ga Lighthouse is one of new exciting Phan Thiet attractions.


Ke Ga lighthouse in Mui Ne


Tourists should take a stroll around the island to admire the panoramic view of the island from different angles, the beauty of frangipani flowers, casuarina groves, and rows of marble brilliant under the sunlight. Most especially, the lighthouse majestically stands like beautifying the magnificence of the sea. Besides the lighthouse is a big house 40 meters square each side. Under the house is a cistern 3m deep, whereas in front of the house is a well called Tien (Fairy) well. Around the foot of the lighthouse is two rows of frangipani flowers along the path planted by the French from the last century. It has been seemly intact so far shading year-round and contributing to create the characteristics for this land. Thanks to these exploration, Phan Thiet travel to Ke Ga Lighthouse will be truly memorable.


Surrounding Ke Ga lighthouse


After ascertaining about the history of the lighthouse, tourists have to conquer 184 steel spiral stairs leading to the top of the tower to enjoy the psychedelic feelings when taking the panoramic views towards the clouds and comfortably contemplating the nature and the life. Tourists will feel like themselves as a tiny universe among the extremely immense space. In particular, on the way to Ke Ga Lighthouse, tourists will catch a large granite slab engraved in 1899. This is an incredibly strange marble slab in the area because there are no second stone like that. According to some researchers, perhaps the French took the stone from other land as a way to embellish the magnificent and magical beauty for the lighthouse.


Ke Ga lighthouse staircase


What makes special impressions for tourists when arriving in Ke Ga in Binh Thuan tours are rock fields as the existing arrangement beachfront. The multi size and multi shape stones on the beach seem "disposition". The locals here have long considered them as the rock garden. Some ledges protruding into the sea are used as the ideal place to fish out. Beside rock garden, the beach here also retains beautiful clean white shores, which is suitable for tourists to go swimming, sunbathing and participate in campfire activities or outdoor banquets... Not only having a chance to admire the unique architectural works, tourists can comfortably immerse in the beautiful sweeping views of the heaven and earth.


Spectacular view of Ke Ga Lighthouse


The journey discovering Ke Ga Lighthouse not only offers tourists to relax and recharge on the tranquil beaches with white sand but also is an opportunity to explore the everlasting beauty for the over 100 year existence of the lighthouse. Ke Ga Lighthouse is worth one of the must-see tourist site of Phan Thiet - Mui Ne tourism attracting both domestic and international tourists.

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