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Cho Da Islet - Stone Dog Islet

Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Cho Da Islet has been regarded as a peaceful symbol of tourists' voyages for millions of years. It is one of the beautiful images and profound significance in Halong Bay; simultaneously, it is the impressive attraction alluring numerous tourists.

If having ever been to Halong Bay, tourists certainly cannot forget the stunning beauty of thousand islands and islets on the bay. Cho Da Islet, also known as Stone Dog Islet, is near Dau Go Cave on the west. It belongs to the population of 1969 multi-shaped islands and islets surrounding majestic Halong Bay - twice ranked the world natural heritage by UNESCO. The reason why it is called "Cho Da Islet" comes from its appearance which looks like a dog with the head turning to the sea.


On the way to explore Cho Da Islet


Referring Halong Bay travel, almost the trip will mention about the caves, the beaches and the time for kayaking. In the itinerary of Halong tours to Thien Cung - Dau Go - Ti Top, after leaving Thien Cung and Dau Go Cave, the train will take about 10 minutes for tourists to come up with the unique tourist attractions in Halong Bay. Looking up at a height of about 8 m along the islet slopes, tourists will find a stone islet in the standing sentinel posture as lookout for the safety of tourists' voyages. Cho Da Islet lies in the middle of the sea as a holy object to worship the Sky and Earth. Halong tourism will surely not be complete if tourists do not ascertain about Cho Da Islet.


Cho Da Islet among immense Halong Bay


Cho Da Islet is about 8m high and looks like a giant stone dog-shaped gatekeeper. The image of stone dog staying outside the door at the position of doorman is a relatively familiar image in Vietnam. Most of the traditional temples and on both sides of the gate before the ancient houses offer the pair of stone dogs. They greet and inform good news of visitors or keep the houses and prevent anything wicked or evil getting inside the house. The image of Cho Da Islet standing on the sea as the symbol to protect and retain the safety of tourists on their trips to Halong. The image also brings the profound significance, contributing to promote the values of the natural landscape here. The harmonious combination between the stone islet and Halong waters creates the poetic picture of the nature. This symbol has gone into tourists' minds for millions of years.


Charming scenery at Cho Da Islet


Among majestic Halong Bay scenery, Cho Da Islet is worth a must-see spot in the journey of discovering and conquering the wonderful bay. Tourists coming here are to immerse themselves in the peaceful and romantic natural scenery, mingle with the immense heaven and earth, and hear the whisper of the sea. Furthermore, Cho Da Islet - a symbol for the safety of tourists when coming here will actually make the trip much more meaningful and memorable. Halong tourism is thus more and more popular over the world and increasingly attracts much more international tourists.

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