Victory Cruise Halong Bay 1280 views

Victory Cruise Halong Bay

Along with Victory Star Cruise, Victory Cruise is also a dedicated product of Bai Tho Junks. With the price from 245 USD, tourists can admire the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay in one of good cruises in Halong Bay.

From 122 USD/day

Prince Junks Halong Bay 1313 views

Prince Junks Halong Bay

Prince Junks is one of good choices among cruises in Halong Bay for those seeking a private space. Travelling with Prince Junks in Halong Bay, tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of the Bay but also take participate in many interesting activities.

From 276 USD/day

Phoenix Luxury Cruise Halong Bay 1181 views

Phoenix Luxury Cruise Halong Bay

Phoenix Cruise Halong is one of the best superior cruises in Halong Bay. It is well equipped with contemporary amenities in all 14 cabins. In addition, Phoenix Cruise provides passengers with a wide range of services, exciting activities and recreation.

From 70 USD/day

Canary Cruises Halong Bay 1041 views

Canary Cruises Halong Bay

Canary Cruise is one of the newest superior cruises in Halong Bay. Sightseeing in the Bay with this cruise, passengers have chance to explore the most beautiful parts of Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay.

From 130 USD/day

Majestic Cruise Halong Bay 1628 views

Majestic Cruise Halong Bay

With a design to bring travelers an interesting and rewarding voyage in Halong Bay, Majestic Cruise has organized a program to visit “the bay where the dragon descends in the sea” with unique and different itinerary.

From 85 USD/day

Aclass Cruise Halong Bay 1670 views

Aclass Cruise Halong Bay

Having superior and deluxe cabins equipped with twenty-first-century facilities and amenities, Aclass Cruise is suitable for those who prefer budget cruises, but still enjoy best services. With a reasonable price, you can have a memorable Halong Bay tour.

From 70 USD/day

Bai Tu Long Junk Halong Bay 1785 views

Bai Tu Long Junk Halong Bay

Owning nine modern and well-equipped cabins, Bai Tu Long Junk is designed in time-honored style of Chinese junks in the harmony with Vietnamese modern architectural features. This junk will accompany with tourists and bring the best services.

From 50 USD/day

Classic Sail Cruise Halong Bay 1179 views

Classic Sail Cruise Halong Bay

Being defined as one of 3 star cruises in Halong Bay, Classic Sail has 6 deluxe cabins which are suitable for a family and 1 suite room VIP. With the price from $199, tourists can experience a great voyage in one of the world natural wonders.

From 99 USD/day
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