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Sapa Market

Sapa, Vietnam

Not only is it the center of goods exchanging, Sapa Market is also a sentiment rendezvous of Hmong, Dao, and Nung ethnic minorities. Going to Sapa Market, tourists have a chance to discover the unique cultural features of ethnic minorities here.

Sapa Market is a unique cultural economic activity. It is place to exchange of numerous kinds of commodity, local products; simultaneously, this is also the opportunity for upland people to go to the fair, for the youth to encounter, get dating and show their affection through love songs, sounds of the flute, panpipe and "dan moi" (lip lute)... It is one of the most attractive characteristics attracting tourists when they take part in Sapa travel.


Dao ethnic people at Sapa Market


Located in the center of Sapa, Sapa Market is the convergence of goods exchanging among ethnic minorities in the region. Sapa is seemly situated in the center of villages in whole region at the foothills of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. This is also the junction of the roads from villages located in valleys to the north, namely Ta Giang Phinh, Ban Khoang to southern village such as Ban Ho, Suoi Thau, Ta Van, Lao Chai. In a large area, Sapa is an ideal convergence for trading activities and exchange of goods among ethnic minorities; simultaneously, it is also the perfect rendezvous in the unique cultural feature of the upland people. Sa Pa Market thus becomes one of the most things to do in Sapa and appealing attractions in Sapa tourism as well.


Explore Sapa Market


Sapa Market is usually held on every Sunday. Those who live in the remote region often have to start their journey from the previous day to catch up with the fair. On Saturday night, many people early come to the market gather and cheer together with the folk songs of boys and girls in Hmong and Dao villages along with the sounds of lip lute, flute, panpipe... All seems much closer to each other though they have not ever seen before. They chat together under the flickering firelight. Sapa Market is an opportunity for the couples, also potential couples to know more about each other. It also plays the role of the love bridge among highly poetic uplands.  Escaping from the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the urban life, tourists participating in Tourists in Sapa tours to this market will have the opportunity to immerse in the idyllic life with this unique culture.


Brocade booth at Sapa Market


Like other markets in Bac Ha, Can Cau, Coc Ly, Muong Khuong, Tam Duong... as well as markets scattering in districts of Lao Cai province, ethnic people here also bring their products to Sapa Market to exchange and purchase their suppliers. They show off their own products made from their sweat. This can be also considered as the way to display skills of ethnic girls and ingenious women. In particular, setting foot in Sapa Market, tourists can also buy pharmaceutical products, precious forestry products, and traditional artificial products of ethnic minorities such as brocade crafts, especially ethnic-style clothing. They also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious ethnic dishes such as "thang co" - a traditional dish made from soups and mainly horse meat, bacon, borecole, chayote, corn wine, Thanh Kim rice germ wine, forest products and pharmaceutical products such as lingzhi…


Trading at Sapa Market


Sunset is the high time young girls and boys went back to their own villages. The girls in the newest and most beautiful clothes with indigo fragrant along with the brilliant pattern increasingly adorn the beauty of the mountain. The boys also take their flutes and lip lutes to blow familiar folk songs. Going to Can Cau Market, tourists not only have the opportunity to learn about a colorful upland fairs, but also explore more about the daily life of the locals. Sapa tourism thus gradually attracts tourists to explore and experience.

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