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First international Da Nang Light Festival to be held

Sat, 14 Mar 2015. Last updated Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:21

Da Nang Light Festival 2015 with international scale will take place from April 24-16, 2015 on Bach Dang Street. The festival is held before the happening of Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015.

On early March, Mrs. Tran Thi Kieu Lan, Director of Zena Mai Limited Company, the unit of event coordination for Da Nang Light Festival 2015 (DLF 2015) says, the first unique festival with international scale will be held in Da Nang from April 24-26, 2015, just ahead of Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015. The time of performance is between 18:00 and 22:00 every day. According to Decision 10427/UBND-VX (dated November 18, 2014) of Da Nang City's Chairman, Global2000 Company, organization unit of Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015), is also organizer of Da Nang Light Festival 2015 by mobilizing funds sponsored. Da Nang Light Festival 2015 will include image performances and artistic light, performances on multimedia art, music events and competitions of light art presentations. Along with other international festivals in Vietnam, Da Nang Light Festival 2015 promises to be an outstanding event this year.


Da Nang Bridge at night


This is the first time that Light Festival is held in Da Nang; thus, Global2000 will focus on light technology demonstration, which is mainly for local people to become familiar. From the next festivals in Da Nang, Light Festival will become a thrilling contest with the participation of many countries, similar to Da Nang International Fireworks Competition. A team from the participating countries will "draw light" on different streets to compete, which will be judged and awarded. Global2000 proposed Da Nang leaders for holding alternatively a year of fireworks competition, and a year of light festival. However, currently Da Nang only licensed Global2000 to hold Light Festival in 2015.

Mrs. Tran Thi Kieu Lan said that Da Nang Light Festival 2015 will take place on Bach Dang Street along the western bank of Han River (from Dragon Bridge to Han River port area). The 36-story Novotel Hotel will be the main stage of the event. Bridges, buildings, open squares, streets and Han River in this area will be places where light painters show off their unique skills and amazing sound effects according to themes of the festival. "Our goal is to make Da Nang illuminated through the unique festival of lights which has not been held in the city, one the occasion of 40th anniversary of Vietnam Reunification. Along with Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015, Da Nang Light Festival 2015 will contribute more fame to Da Nang City no just in the country but also in the world!", Mrs. Tran Thi Kieu Lan shared.


Da Nang City


The festival is not just an art light show, but also is combined with dynamic sounds. Tourists not just look but can mingle in the space of light that viewers can move or play with the image during the slide show. The festival also "carries" a gentle giant - Dundu. Viewers will look like curious "children" who will accompany in the journey of adventure with music and love. The event is considered an action to promulgate Da Nang tourism to the world. The festival will take place before the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015. Bach Dang Street stretching from Dragon Bridge to Han River port area and Novotel Hotel will be main stages of the event. Buildings, Han River, and works in this area will become huge backgrounds for light artists to show off their unique skills, along with amazing sound effects. The program promises to give viewers the feeling of a new dynamic Da Nang City. In addition to main contents of the festival, there are ancillary activities such as art exchange, lighting art exhibition, gala dinner... They will take place at the same time, which will create new attraction for the coastal city of Da Nang.

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