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Tourism Festival to close Vietnam National Tourism Year 2014

Mon, 15 Dec 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:57

Vietnam National Tourism Year 2014 on a theme of "High Mountain and Thick Forests of Central Highlands" is coming to the end. With 45 main activities and other additional activities in response, National Tourism Year 2014 has achieved remarkable results.

On December 11th, in Ho Chi Minh City, People's Committee of Lam Dong Province held a press conference on cultural and tourism events of Dalat - Colors of Winter Festival and the 5th Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week to finish Vietnam National Tourism Year 2014. Vietnam National Tourism Year is a typical cultural-economic-social event on the national scale to introduce and promote the image of people, nature, and culture of Central Highlands Vietnam in general and Dalat (Lam Dong Province) in particular. Until now, there are more than 40 main activities taking places in four provinces of Central Highlands including Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, and Kon Tum. It is expected that Dalat - Colors of Winter Festival and the 5th Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week are final special activities to close Central Highlands – Dalat National Tourism Year 2014.


Culinary contest Golden Spoon in National Tourism Year 2014


Dalat - Colors of Winter Festival will be organized in 5 days from December 23rd to 27th in Dalat City. This is a fascinating event to promote the image of Dalat tourism with its special features such as beautiful and natural landscapes, delicious cuisine, and cool climate. It is hoped that the festival will help Dalat to attract more travelers at the end of this year, simultaneously, expand cooperation and connection of regional tourism. The cultural and tourism event is also a good occasion for Lam Dong and other provinces to develop tourism, improve the infrastructure, attract investment resources, and strengthen the connections among different regions to make the city become an ideal tourism destination for both domestic and international travelers.

In the framework of Dalat - Colors of Winter Festival, there are 14 special activities will be held involving flower space "Dalat - 4 flower seasons"; Dalat flower exhibition on a subject of "Flower colors in the cold land"; market selling Dalat flowers and vegetables; art garden "Winter Paradise"; Japanese cultural days in Dalat; picnic tours; "Flower Tourism" tours; award ceremony of a cuisine contest "Golden Spoon 2014"; Da Lat tourism – handicraft villages fair; highland tea night; festival of the flowery city's youths; international conference "The Central Highlands - Dalat Tourism - Integration and Development"; introduction of brocade weaving art and performance of Central Highlands’ costume;  and “Highlands Love” art program.


Elephant race in Dak Lak


Especially, in this year cultural and tourism festival, the 5th Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week will also be organized. With the total area of 22,000 hectares of tea growing land and the yields of over 210,000 tons, tea manufacturing is an important economic sector of Lam Dong Province. In Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week, typical events will take place such as trade fairs, tea night, sustainable development workshop, and so forth. Vice President of Lam Dong People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Yen said that "We hope this cultural week will bring domestic and international friends new feelings of tourism activities and new images of Central Highlands Vietnam." 

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