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Yang Bay Waterfall Legend Festival to be held in July

Fri, 04 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

On July 20th, “Yang Bay Waterfall Legend” Festival will be held in Yang Bay Tourist Park. It is a unique celebration and one of the largest festivals in Nha Trang, which is deeply imbued with local identity.

Yang Bay Waterfall Festival is divided into two main parts: the ceremony and the festival. The ceremony will take place from 11 am to 12 am at Yang Bay Waterfall stage, with the main content of the play named “Yang Bay Legend”. The play is inspired from the poem having the same name of Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh. The play will recreate a romantic love story of a Fairy, the daughter of the God, and a local man along. Through the play, professional actors will represent the fierce fight between human and cruel laws of the nature to protect life, thereby Yang Bay Waterfall to be formed.


Tourists to Yang Bay Waterfall


The festival part consists of several attractive activities taking place from 8am in many areas in the park. Specifically, in “Cay Moc Than” (the magic tree) area, Vietnamese scholars will perform calligraphy art. Tourists will have the opportunity to be instructed to write their wishes in calligraphy then hang it on the magic tree. In the area of fishing crocodile, tourists may contemplate several performances of traditional Vietnamese dances such as bamboo dance, and folk dance with drum named “Trong Com”; fishing crocodile and even taking photographs with crocodiles. In the area of “record tube wine”, there are performances of traditional musical instruments, a music show of Raglai ethnic people, and programs of cooking tube wine and grilling meat skewers. “Dao Ngoc” area will be bustled with a wide variety of competitions. Visiting here, tourists may also walk in the rose garden or in the Fairy garden full of different flower species. The most vibrant area may be the area of folk games with cock fighting games, pig racing, tug, walking on stilts, riding ostriches, and so on. Large Yang Bay Lake area is dedicated to games like Tarzan swinging rope, rocket shooting, water polo, and taking photographs with python. In stilt house area, tourists will be introduced about habits and customs, working tools, and daily activities of Raglai ethnic people.


A beautiful Yang Bay


Especially, Yang Bay Park will open up new services of bathing in mineral water, bathing with natural medicines, and so on. On this occasion, Chapi restaurant, the largest restaurant in the park will offer tourists participating in the festival with unique delicious dishes such as ostrich meat, crocodile hands, stomach of ostrich steamed with green pepper, pork steamed with pumpkin,… Areas near Yang Bay Waterfall will serve folk dishes, baked dishes and bamboo-tube rice.

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