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Calligraphy Writing Festival in Hanoi repositioned

Tue, 10 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

During Tet holiday 2015, Calligraphy Writing Festival in Hanoi is organized from February 8 to March 3 at Literature Lake belonging to Temple of Literature in Hanoi. The Calligraphy Street will be promoted to become Calligraphy Writing Festival.

According to Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Calligraphy Street in Hanoi 2015 will be repositioned to Literature Lake in Temple of Literature and become “Calligraphy Writing Festival”. The organization of Calligraphy Writing Festival will arrange 100 tents for about 200 calligraphers in the area of Literature Lake. These calligraphers will write from 8:30 to 20:00 during the festival, except the 30th day of the last month of the old year (in lunar calendar) the calligraphers will write until 2:00 am of the next day. On the first and the second days of the New Year, they will write until 22:00. To make the Calligraphy Writing Festival in Hanoi goes smoothly, Hanoi Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism assigned appraisal and management letters to UNESCO Vietnam Club. It is reported that on February 5th, the second calligraphers examination completed to select skillful calligraphers. The examination included members of calligraphy club in Hanoi.


Calligraphy Writing Festival in Hanoi 2015


Calligraphy Street is one of the most interesting activities during Tet holiday in Vietnam. The competition consists of two fields of calligraphy: Chinese – Nom calligraphy and Vietnamese literally national language script. 50 topics of examination mainly revolves around spring, moral education, quotations... Calligraphers have to write within 15 minutes. The letters should look like a word picture. These words are correct as in dictionary, not modified, but readable. Especially, calligraphers are not allowed to look up dictionary by any method or ask other calligraphers. Who violates may be cancelled the test. After ending the appraisal, calligraphers will be arranged to their position around Literature Lake. The event is seen as one of important festivals in Hanoi to welcome New Year as well as to promote Vietnamese tradition.


Calligraphy Street - Temple of Literature


This year, street for calligraphers is upgraded into Calligraphy Writing Festival. Along with activities of writing and asking for letters, the Calligraphy Writing Festival also holds an public exhibition of about 70 calligraphies with themes of cheering striving spirit, learning spirit over Vietnamese generations. The festival in Hanoi not just has new things, but also expands in the scope of themes to meet increasingly calligraphic demand of local people and tourists. To ensure order and safety, Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Dong Da District administration have presented many solutions. It is planned that the parking area will be arranged in Giam Garden, pavement of Van Mieu Street and other suitable places in the neighborhood.

The atmosphere of Vietnamese Tet is covering the entire city. Many cultural activities to welcome New Year are being prepared and organized, which is appealing a large number of local people and foreign tourists, especially those who adore to explore more Vietnam culture during the most important and biggest holiday.

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