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Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi

Wed, 03 Sep 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:06

The Mid-autumn Festival in Hanoi will take place with a large number of interesting and attractive activities from September 5th to 8th 2014 in the Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center at 2 Hoa Lu Street.

The festival is an annual event by the Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center in collaboration with relating agencies in order to create a healthy and attractive playground for children on occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. This year festival is themed “Mr. Nghe in August” which is inspired from a Vietnamese folk story named “the temple at sea”. The story whose content is the appreciation of learning is expected to help children learning more not only about the origin of mid-autumn festival in Vietnam but also about the studious spirit of the ancestors. The image of Mr. Nghe is solemnly exhibited at the center. Through that image, organizers desire to encourage the children to be docile, hard-working in schools to become successful people to develop the country.


A colorful Mid-Autumn Festival for children


The tale of “the temple at sea” is aggregated into large miniatures including “the fortune”, “opportunity grasping”, “difficulties and health”, “sharing”, and so on. The story will be printed in large size on the ground for children to be interested in this new way of reading. Through the tale, children are expected to comprehend the spirit of overcoming difficulties and challenges, being courage to seizing opportunities for the success. It is also the message of ancestor, which indicates that learning is very important; however learning without persistence, courage, fortune as well as fortune and morality will not be able to reach success.

In addition, the festival also features many other fascinating activities especially the lantern parade on September 7th 2014 with the participation of nearly 400 people from districts and schools in Hanoi. Expectedly, the procession will depart from Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center, across streets of Doan Tran Nghiep, Pho Hue, Tran Nhan Tong, Le Duan, Dai Co Viet and returning the Center as the final destination. In particular, this year festival will fascinate visitors by the Martial Art Festival with the participation of 60 units from martial clubs and martial centers throughout the country. It is considered as a program honoring traditional cultural characteristics, folk belief and cultural festivals in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general.


Performance in Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi


In the framework of the festival, there will be a exchange art program named “the tale at full-moon night” held by many popular comedians in Vietnam. The program aims to donate gifts for children in need to have a warm Mid-Autumn Festival. Visiting the festival, children will have the opportunity to take part in folk games area, outdoor play areas to be rewarded with several attractive gifts from the organizing committee.

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