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Hanoi celebrate Anniversary of Trung sisters’ birthday

Tue, 19 Aug 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:05

In August 2014, Hanoi will coordinate with Vietnam Women’s Union to celebrate 2000th Anniversary of Trung Sisters’ Birthday. The celebration aims to tribute and honor two greatest heroines in Vietnam’s history.

Trung Sisters are great Vietnamese heroines who led the first national uprising against Chinese invader in the year of 40 A.D. The sisters were daughters of a powerful lord. Their names were Trung Trac, the elder, and Trung Nhi, the younger. Two women led an army of 80,000 people to drive Chinese out of Vietnam’s land. After their victory, Trung Trac was proclaimed as the ruler with the title of “Trung Vuong” (She-king Trung). Although defeated 3 years later by Chinese invaders, Trung Sisters were still honored as the first heroism in Vietnam and the inspiration for later uprisings of Vietnamese. Some people even feel that if it was not for Trung Sisters, there would be no Vietnamese nation today.   In Vietnam’s history, Trung Sisters are the symbol of strong and indomitable will, patriotic tradition of Vietnamese women.


Hai Ba Trung Temple in Hanoi


The celebration will officially be launched at 8pm on August 23rd 2014 with a series of special activities such as incense offering ceremony, art performances named “2000 years of the Queen in Dragon’s land” by Hanoi Cheo Theater. Earlier, at half past 1pm on the same day, the seminar themed “Vietnamese Women continue Trung Sisters’ tradition in constructing and protecting the country” hosted by Vietnamese Women’s Union and the exhibition of “Vietnam Flower” by Vietnam Women’s Museum will be held. The main content of the seminar is on Trung Sister’s career, the role of the strata and women throughout the country during the Trung Sister’s uprising, Vietnamese women continuing the tradition in national defense and renovation. The exhibition “Vietnam Flower” will showcase in three themes: Trung Sisters, the national spiritual symbol against invader; Vietnamese women; and thousand-years shine. The exhibition will display photographs of Vietnamese women in the career of protection, construction and development of the country.


Worshipping Trung Sisters


In addition, from August 22nd to 24th 2014, at the Temple of Trung Sisters, there are many special activities such as the exhibition of “the Youth of the capital on the way of integration”; competition and performance named “Golden hand of traditional craft villages”; the camp of “Hanoi, thousand years of civilization”; festival of entertainment clubs; and folk game shows.   

The anniversary will take place at the Temple of Trung Sisters in Me Linh District. It is appreciated as one of the largest festivals in Hanoi in 2014. Activities within the framework of the 2000th anniversary of Trung Sister’s Birthday aim to express the gratitude and the ethic of “Drink water, remember the source”, a long-standing tradition of Vietnamese people. It is also an opportunity to honor heroines and their patriot, which plays an important part in history of Vietnam and spiritual contemporaries. 

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