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The first Flower Festival launches in Ba Na

Tue, 20 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

Ba Na Hills has officially inaugurated the first Flower Festival Ba Na Hills at D' amour flower garden with the convergence of a variety of flowers from all over the country and renowned flowers in the world.

Flower Festival atop Ba Na Hills is the concentration of beautiful flower colors from all over the country and even renowned flowers in the world. This occasion is also the opportunity of many flowers blooming on Ba Na. Orchid species at an altitude of 1,400 meters at Ba Na Mountain are fully opening out like weeds quivering in the wind. Green hydrangeas flowers or large-leaf bluebottle clusters with big flowers, berries, stems full of dark colorful soft spikes…symbols for a wild vitality and full of vigor of Ba Na, which is less common in other mountain regions.

More specifically, in this festival, D' amour garden will be decorated by pure white flowers, butterflies exquisitely woven with bamboos, thousands of small ornamental plant pots arranged in sequence and splendid carriages as well. All creates a vivid beauty and definite harmony in stunning Ba Na Hill tourism area.


Le jardin des epoux in Ba Na Hills


D' amour garden is designed as a valley, divided into zones:

Mysterious Garden - Le jardin des secrets: A labyrinth retains a total area of ornamental plant wall to be the largest in the world.

Lovebirds Garden - Le jardin des epoux: Lovebirds Garden owns exquisite features and many more vivid textures, which are typical of French gardens.

Eden Garden - Le jardin d' Eden: It is considered as a showcase introducing many special kinds of flowers in the world which are carefully cared for with a suitable adjusting microclimate system.

Musings Garden - Le jardin au voeu: The flow of the hourglass seems endless in an ideal space characterizing Western thought.

Legend Garden - Le jardin historique: The garden remains ranges of magnificent colonnade inspired by images of Olympia’s gods in the region of Athens, Greece.


Le Jardin de memories in Ba Na Hills


Memories Garden - Le Jardin de mémories: the water or the time flow of 4 gods symbolizes the four poetic seasons.

Sacred Garden - Le bois d' amour: Cupis – God of Love will witness prayers of any couples. The French classic romantic spirit combined with the status of intenseness and mellowness creates ​​a completely different structure of Sacred Garden.

Tryst Square - La place de la promesse: It is a rendezvous of Le Jardin Garden featuring with Van Nien Tung (perpetual) tree and hydrangeas flowers. From here, tourists have a chance to explore interesting perspectives for the love.

Vineyards Garden - Le jardin de vignes: Associated with a more than 100 year ancient cellar, landscapes and the ornamental plant layout are elaborately designed to recreate a wine growing region of France.


La place de la promesse in Ba Ba Hills


Taking part in Flower Festival in Ba Na, tourists will actually experience their own romantic moments, mingle with the beautiful nature, and extremely admire breathtaking flowers from all over the world. Festival will last for three months. It will be expected to attract numerous tourists to call on Ba Na Hills in particular and in Da Nang in general in this summer. This promises to be a significant Vietnam flower festival.

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