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Launching Wine Festival in Ba Na Hills

Tue, 01 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

On June 27th, Sun Group said that the Wine Festival celebrated in Debay Wine Cellar from now until the end of the year was expected to be a distinctive highlight in summer of Ba Na Hills Da Nang.

After the success of Flower Carnival and many festivals in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills continues to hold the Wine Festival in Debay Wine Cellar to welcome tourists visiting Da Nang in this summer. This festival takes place annually and is a vital part in the series of tourist events in 2014 such as Le Jarnin De’Amour flower garden, hiking trains, and other new unique events. Participating in the Wine Festival, tourists will enjoy vibrant and bustling atmosphere along with special sexy dances of professional dancers and have the opportunity to try glasses of wine of world famous brands serving with buffet in beautiful space of Le Jarnin De’Amour flower garden.


Tourists taking part in the wine festival


From 1919 to 1938, the French built hundreds of villas, hospitals, post offices,… right on top of Ba Na Hills to serve the relaxing meets of French senior officials, military officers, merchants and the Vietnamese rich. At that time, in 1923, they also constructed Debay Wine Cellar in order to store up wines, especially well-known ones from France which were considered as the national exquisite. Debay Wine Cellar is a unique architectural work in Vietnam because wine cellars are usually popular in the West. In particular, Westerner wine cellars are generally dug deep into the ground while Debay is dug deep into the mountain. The cellar is 100 meters long, 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide. Inside the cellar are trenches of storage, distillation, bars, fireplaces and lounges. The wall is built of rocks and mortar which is the mixture of sugar and resin of a tree only growing in Da Nang and Quang Nam Province. The arch is shaped arc for safety and beauty purpose. These are the reasons why Debay Wine Cellar still exists until now challenging the time, overcoming the harshness of the nature and the destruction of the war, becoming the only work of French remaining intact in Ba Na Hills while hundreds of ancient villas here have been ruined.


Famous wine in the Debay cellar


Inside Debay Cellar in Ba Na Hills


The temperature inside the wine cellar is usually around 16 to 20 Celsius degrees. It is the ideal temperature for storing wine. There are 14 niches inside the cellar, including 11 small and 3 big ones. Each nich has its owner. They are owners of hotels or villas in Ba Na. Some elderly who previously have worked as maids and butlers in French houses stated that the French kept wine in those niches and brought out to offer honor guests in parties.

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