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Thai Nguyen successfully hosted Dai Tu Tea Festival

Wed, 28 Jan 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:20

In the evening of January 25th, Dai Tu District (Thai Nguyen) organized the opening ceremony of the third Dai Tu Tea Festival. This year festival took place during three days from January 25th to in forms of Tea Festival in conjunction with Fair Trade.

Dai Tu Tea Festival is an annual activity organized by Dai Tu District to honor tea growers and promote tea products. Dai Tu District has the largest tea plantation in comparison to other districts in Thai Nguyen Province with over 6,200 hectares. Especially, tea products in some regions in Dai Tu such as La Bang, Khuon Ga (Hung Son), Thuong village (Phu Thinh) are classified into special type. These products are favored by consumers in and outside the province. Dai Tu District has 18 traditional tea villages. For many years, tea has become a key economic plant of Thai Nguyen citizens to reduce poverty and make rich.


Mr. Dang Viet Thuan is speaking at the opening ceremony


After two times being organized, Dai Tu Tea Festival was successful to introduce and promote Dai Tu tea products in particular and Thai Nguyen tea in general. In 2015, the third Dai Tu Tea Festival was also successfully held to promote and honor Vietnam tea. This year festival took place during three days from January 25th to 27th at the district's stadium in form of Tea Festival in conjunction with Fair Trade. According to the estimates, there were approximately 200 booths taking part in the festival in which 52 booths were opened to display tea products, handicraft goods, typical agricultural products, etc. The remaining booths were opened to serve the shopping demand of visitors. The highlight of Dai Tu Tea Festival was a Night Tea recreating a typical traditional tea village. Besides, there are many activities and art performances were held. Joining in Dai Tu Tea Festival, visitors can immerse in a space of tea culture and Then singing and enjoy traditional tea making arts and a special ceremony of Dao People.


The opening ceremony of Dai Tu Tea Festival


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Hai Duong, Chairman of Dai Tu People Committee emphasized the importance and the special values of tea growing in the socio-economic development of Dai Tu District. According to Mr. Duong, tea has been a key economic plant in the agricultural development of the district. Especially, in 2014, 8 tea villages in Dai Tu made a great contribution to affirm the brand name of Thai Nguyen tea in general and Dai Tu tea in particular. Also in the opening ceremony, Mr. Dang Viet Thuan, Standing Vice-Chairman of Dai Tu People Committee also highly appreciated the values of tea tree. Mr. Dang expressed his desire to attract more interest from the province authorities in the comprehensive development of agriculture and the brand building of Thai Nguyen tea. 

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