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Vietnam holds Asian Europe New Music Festival

Thu, 07 Aug 2014. Last updated Tue, 05 May 2015 13:28

Asian Europe New Music Festival will be firstly held in Vietnam from October 8th to 12nd by Vietnam Musicians Association. In the festival, new compositions of musicians representing for the schools of contemporary music in the world will be introduced.

Asian Europe New Music Festival 2014 in Vietnam will include a series of concerts with various types such as symphony, chamber music, folk music, traditional music, opera, ballets, etc. According to Vietnam Musician Association, the festival will be started with a symphonic repertoire at 7.30 pm on October 10 at Hanoi Opera House. Following is Vietnam and international chamber music repertoires at Concert Hall of Vietnam National Academy of Music (Hanoi) in October 9th and 10th. On the next day, other programs will be held such as Vietnam and international pop music, concert of Vietnam ethnic groups in Vietnam - Japan Cultural Center (Halong, Quang Ninh). Finally, Asian Europe New Music Festival 2014 will be ended with a Gala Concert at Hanoi Opera House.

New Music Festival Asian Europe is a reputable music forum in the world, which was initiated by Musicians Associations of Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan since 1993. Until now, the festival was held 11 times with the attendance of 45 countries in two continents. The works have been performed during the festival often well received and highly appreciated by the public. This is the first time an international music festival on large scale like Asian Europe New Music Festival organized in Vietnam.

Do Hong Quan - President of the Vietnam Musicians

After the end of the 11st festival in Kazan city, the Republic of Tatarsan on April 2013, delegates expressed their opinion about the next country where the festival should be held and decided that Vietnam is the next destination. According to Mr. Do Hong Quan, Chairman of Vietnam Musicians Association and also Head of Festival Organizing Committee, this is a deserved outcome after a long time of developing the instrumental  music background in the country. The compositions of Vietnam musicians performed has appreciated by participants in the festival. In addition, Vietnam also has a force of famous instrumental musicians such as Nguyen Van Nam, Nguyen Thien Dao, Ca Le Thuan, etc. With these achievements, Vietnam is assessed to be a bright spot in terms of instrumental music in Asia.

Launching from February 2014, there are nearly 200 musicians, artists, singers, musicians from 30 countries formally registered to attend the festival including UK, US, Austria, Azerbaijani, Poland, Cambodia, Denmark, France, Korea, etc. The festival is a great opportunity to prove that Vietnam musicians can perform famous works of international musicians in the high technical level. This is also a chance to introduce to foreign friends about a professional music of Vietnam, which has continued reaching more professional level. In the festival, Vietnam traditional musics including Quan Ho folk songs, water puppetry, Cheo singing will be introduced to international friends. Besides, the organizing committee will organize for participants trips to visit beautiful landscapes of Hanoi and Halong Bay.

Hanoi Opera House

Asian Europe New Music Festival is very a precious opportunity for Vietnamese musicians. Through the festival, Vietnamese musicians and artists can meet, exchange experiences, learn and absorb the quintessence of contemporary music from all over the world. Besides, successful organizing the festival is a step forward to hosts music international and regional festivals in Vietnam.

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