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The second Southern Folk Cake Festival in Can Tho to be held

Sun, 26 Jan 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:41

Folk Cake Festival, one of the traditional festivals in Southern Vietnam, will be held on February 2nd at the Hoa Su Restaurant in Can Tho. The festival aims to introduce to tourists the cultural traditional feast in Tet occasion of Vietnamese.

This is the second time the Folk Cake Festival is celebrated to welcome the Lunar New Year. This time, it is not just limited in Mekong River Delta, but also is expanded in the whole southwest part with a series of typical traditional cakes. The three-day festival is sponsored by the People’s Committee of Ninh Kieu District, the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Can Tho Tourism Joint Stock and other agencies. The aim of this festival is to introduce and promote the traditional cake made ​​of glutinous rice of Can Tho and Mekong Delta, to honor the values ​​of traditional culture of folk cakes and Southern cuisine culture. The festival also creates a useful playground to exchange culture and express the solidarity of Kinh, Khmer, Cham, Hoa ethnic groups.


Folk Cake Festival in Can Tho


In this Folk Cake Festival in Can Tho, it is expected that over 50 workshops and nearly 70 different kinds of traditional cakes will be displayed in Hoa Su Garden. This number is anticipated to increase in next festivals when the promotion is greatly strengthened. Participating in the festival, tourists will have the opportunity not only to explore the long tradition of Southern folk cakes that dates back thousands of years but also to try some kinds of famous local cakes like Banh Tet (cylindrical glutinous cake filled with green bean paste and pork fat), banh u (small pyramidal glutinous rice cake) and banh tet la cam (violet cylindrical glutinous rice cake). All are Can Tho’s specialties. Some other kinds of cakes which do not belong to Can Tho’s cuisine are also presented like banh xeo (pancake), banh bo dua (coconut flavored sponge cake). Besides sampling different cakes, tourists may join some interesting games to learn about the reception and cooking processes to make those cakes such as wrapping the cylindrical glutinous rice cake, pouring pancakes and trimming vegetables.


Xeo cake in Folk Cake Festival


The Southern Folk Cake Festival attracts the participation of artisans, restaurants, hotels, companies, and enterprises in the business of cake and related products. Many culinary, cultural, artistic and tourism activities take place during the event. The Southern cultural art performances at the opening ceremony include conical hat dance, performances of monochord, flutes, Southern folk songs, and comedy skits.


Khot cake in Folk Cake Festival


This event is an occasion to honor traditional value of folk cakes and southern culinary culture. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to improve, establish and promulgate brand names of Vietnamese enterprises. By virtue of this festival, a large number of activities in Can Tho tourism are organized to promote the investment, and development of folk cakes, raising the economic efficiency in Can Tho and Southern Vietnam

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