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Festival Hue 2014 exploring ancient palaces

Wed, 16 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

As expected, on April 15th 2014, “the Royal night”, a program in the framework of Festival Hue 2014 has been celebrated for tourists to experience and explore lives of Kings inside the Forbidden City in ancient times.

The Royal night was opened in 45 minutes past 6 pm. A solemn ritual of worshiping the Supreme Generals and honoring national treasures was held in the house of Nine Dynastic Urn. The opening ceremony began with a performance recreating the scene of “changing position” of gate guards in ancient times. Artists in uniforms of guards and officials performed in the royal court music.


A Performance at Royal Night


Inside the Hue Citadel was decorated gorgeously with brilliant sparking lights. At that time, the area of Truong Sanh palace became more bustling that made tourists curious.  After few minutes, tourists are surprised by the wedding ceremony of a Princess of Nguyen Dynasty. Many actors and actresses in the roles of imperial guards, and maids participated in the procession. It was truly a royal wedding ceremony in ancient times. The groom rode a horse ahead, followed by the bride, also the princess accompanied by an entourage. The beautiful bride sat in a palanquin with two maids in two sides. According to the history books, when the princess is 16 or 17 years old, the King will find a good man for her. Her future husband is mysterious until after marry.


Royal Night at Festival Hue 2014


The procession went along the routes of the palace, to Duyet Thi Duong and back to the last stop in Truong Sanh palace. There was a huge crowd going along with the procession or standing alongside to watch the royal wedding.


Royal Dance reappears at Royal Night


Can Chanh Palace became more brilliant in the limelight with royal dances. This area was for recreating the daily life of old maids. At Truong Lang in Forbidden City, tourists had the opportunity to contemplate images and pictures which were about the lives of Kings and their royal families. There were many old games of Hue city recreated.


Royal Dance at Royal Night


To the east of Thai Hoa Palace, according to the instruction of staffs in maids and guards’ outfits, many tourists were attracted to the scene of Princes and Princesses playing. In Co Ha garden, tourists might enjoy a wide fresh space with hundreds of bonsai masterpieces. The show of royal dances was held in the center lake of the garden.


Performance at Royal Night


The most attractive program, however, was the royal feast held at Khon Thai palace. The feast was full of 600 tourists. At 8 pm, the drum resounded as a signal that the feast began. There were about 100 female maids in the Vietnamese traditional costume standing in a queue outside to welcome honor guests. It was a luxury banquet from organizing to arranging. The traditional music along with dances and flavor of dishes combined altogether to recreate the royal life of old Kings. A tourist excitedly expressed that it was the most interesting experience which he never had before.

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