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Week of Korean Traditional Culture Experience in Hanoi

Thu, 14 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:47

From August 17th to 23rd, Week of Korean Traditional Culture Experience will be celebrated at Vietnamese Women’s Museum on Ly Thuong Kiet Street. It is an opportunity to explore and experience Korean culture.

Korea is not only well known for its modernity and dynamics but also for unique long-standing culture which has been well preserved and developed in thousands of year. With a desire to give people living in Hanoi a chance to explore and experience Korean traditional culture, Vietnamese Women’s Museum in collaboration with Korean Cultural Center organizes the Week of Korean Traditional Culture Experience.

The event will bring visitors to a Korean space with a series of special activities such as: the exhibition of Korean Mask and Pungmul Art, performances of Talchum and Pungmul folk dances, and a program guiding visitors to practice Talchum and Pungmul dances in the morning of August 17th 2014, program. Performances and lessons are implemented by Jeju Doorunanum folklore art troupe. Pungmul is a Korean traditional folk music that includes drumming, dancing, and singing. Its performances are staged outside by dozens of players, all in constant motion. Participating in the event, visitors also have the opportunity to experience wearing Hanbok, the traditional costume of Korea, and to enjoy Korean cuisine from 10am to 2pm.


Beautiful Korean toys


The Vietnamese Women’s Museum at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet Street has recently been listed in the top 3 indispensible attractions in Hanoi by TripAdvisor. The museum displays thousands of artifacts and images of Vietnamese women from ancient until now. Participating in the Korean Week, tourists may also visit the museum freely to learn more about Vietnamese women’s lives from marriage custom, childbirth and family life. All the texts are available in Vietnamese, English and French for easy understanding of the exhibits. The event will provide free entrance for tourists in the morning of 17 August. Other days, visitors are required to buy entrance tickets of the museum at 30,000 VND.


Traditional  Korean dances in the festival


Earlier, on October 27th 2013, with the support of the Vietnam Embassy in the Republic of Korea, authorities of Deajeon City in collaboration with Chungnam University and Kumho Tire Company have successfully organized the third Vietnamese Cultural Festival in Daejeon City. It was one of major cultural events to celebrate 21st anniversary of founding diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Korea. Simultaneously, it aimed to tighten the solidarity and friendship in Vietnamese community, who were living, studying and working in Korea, as well as to introduce and promote images of Vietnam’s country and people to Korean.


Teenagers get interested in the festival


The activities within the framework of the Week of Korean Traditional Culture Experience this time will help Vietnamese as well as international tourists in Hanoi to understand more about Korea’s country and people, thereby contributing to tighten the friendship and diplomatic relation between the two Vietnamese and Korean ethnicity.

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