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Valentine Festival 2015

Thu, 12 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

Following the success of Noel Festival 2014 with "white park" and "snow road", Valentine Festival 2015 is a new event organized by Heartlink Joint Stock Company and Ho Tay Water Park. The festival will take place in two days February 13th and 14th.

With the design of creating a public play ground for thousands of people on the occasion of coming Valentine Day, Heartlink Joint Stock Company in collaboration with Ho Tay Water Park will organize Valentine Festival in February 13th and 14th. According to representatives of the Organizing Committee, Valentine Festival this year will be held with new collective games to make a different and special Valentine Day for couples. Especially, Valentine Festival 2015 will promise to leave participants impressive experiences with Cocktail Festival, Romeo and Juliet House, love dances, Love-Story Garden, Kissing Contest, and many other interesting activities. The festival will start at 2.00 pm in February 13th and 14th with Cocktail Festival. The organizing committee will freely offer more than 20,000 colorful cocktails for visitors participating in the festival. In Cocktail Festival, attendants will also have a great opportunity to see performance of talented bartenders. Besides, along with lively music and boisterous Hawai dances, street dancers will bring visitors a romantic and cozy space to to enjoy a sweet Valentine Day.


Valentine Festival at West Lake Water Park


Under the shimmering lights, love road will appear in a melodious ambiance and brilliant roses will lead participants to Love-Story Garden on different themes.  The interesting and creative highlights will create a very romantic and sweet space for couples to take beautiful photographs. Especially, if you have not declared your love to someone yet, there will be a special space for you to express your feeling to the lover. This space is ornamented with candles, flowers, balloons, and famous quotes about love to help you easily expressing your love.


Representative of Valentine Festival organizers


Taking part in Valentine Festival, visitors can also come to West Lake Park to play different games such as wooden castles, Octopus ferris wheels, sky train, ball house...Especially, Kissing Contest on a subject of "The kiss of love" for couples will be the highlight of the festival. Kissing Contest will take place next to the window of Romeo & Juliet House. The contest will promise to bring participant sweet and memorable moments. If tourists prefer in painting, let's be creative with fingerprint picture. These pictures will be auctioned to raise funds to help disabled couples.  The representative of the Organizing Committee stated that Valentine Festival 2015 will be an useful and meaningful playground for everyone to spend meaningful time with their lovers. The entrance ticket of Valentine Festival is 100,000 VND. This is one of biggest festivals in Hanoi on the occasion of Valentine Day.

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