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Vietnamese cuisine festival 2014

Wed, 21 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

In order to introduce and honor the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine as well as the creative talent of Vietnamese artisans, Vietnamese cuisine festival 2014 will be celebrated in Nha Trang City since July 1st to 6th 2014.

The opening ceremony of the festival will take place vibrantly with a parade on main streets near the festival area, a tableau recreating the story of Chung Cake and Day Cake in Hung Kings Dynasty, performances of drum, puppetry and circus by children, musical programs praising the beauty of country and the diligence of Vietnamese in culinary activities. In addition, there are a large number of other activities to be held in the framework of the festival such as cuisine contest between 3 regions, beer festival, a day of promotional beer, cuisine market in the past and nowadays, and the reunion of specialties across Vietnam.


Bun Bo Hue


In particular, the cuisine contest is the competition among professional chefs knowledgeable about culture and cuisine of Vietnam who are working in both domestic and international hotels, restaurants and schools of chef training. It is considered as a good opportunity for chefs to exchange, learn and improve their skills to create more and more amazing dishes.


Vietnamese hot and sour soup


Enterprises and companies that are allowed to manufacture and sell beer across the country will take part in the day of promotional beer and beer festival to promote their products as well as their trademarks to consumers and tourists. Those two activities are expected to attract the attention of a huge number of tourists.


Khot Cake


“Cuisine market in the past and nowadays” based on the theme of “Vietnamese flavor” will recreate the image of rural markets with fruit stalls, and pastoral food restaurant arranged next to modern stalls serving fast-food and fresh food of popular trademarks around the world. Visiting here, tourists may buy Vietnamese traditional cakes of all kinds such as banh tet, banh gai, banh khot, and banh beo, enjoy che, a unique Vietnamese sweet beverage serving as a dessert, and watch chefs making jelly and candies on the spot.


Pho beef noodle


At the reunion of specialties, tourists will witness wonderful performances of chefs from well-known hotels, restaurants and centers in Vietnam. There are hundreds of dishes displayed there such as La Vong fried fish, roasted pork, green bean cake of the North, bun bo Hue (Hue beef noodle), Nha Trang fish noodle, Quang noodle, Tam Ky rice with chicken of the Central, pig’s thigh soup, Sa Dec noodle, pancakes of the South, grilled chicken with salt and chili, sour bamboo sprout, grilled fish of the Highlands and many attractive dishes from other region in Vietnam.


Xeo cake


Vietnamese cuisine festival 2014 is held as a welcome to tourist season of Nha Trang in this summer. It is an opportunity for enterprises, artisans and professional chefs to share and learn about the art of processing unique dishes, simultaneously, an occasion introduce to tourists and local people specialties of Vietnamese food.

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