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10th Southern Fruit Festival 2014 unique programs

Mon, 02 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

10th Southern Fruit Festival 2014 is being held in Ho Chi Minh City with several attractive programs to satisfy the need of tourists in this summer, and to promote Ho Chi Minh City festivals throughout the world also.

This year, the organizing committee holds the contest named “Delicious and Safe Fruit” on June 1st. The contest is sponsored by the Southern Fruit Research Institute in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ho Chi Minh City and Suoi Tien Park. It is an annual activity to determine the trademark of Vietnamese fruits. Fruits brought to the contest are specialties carefully picked out from orchards of 21 provinces and cities across the country, which meet all the requirements of taste quality and safety. Since the first festival until now, there are reportedly 2583 delicious samples and 44 new strange samples brought to the contest, including 222 delicious samples and 19 new strange ones have been awarded.

What tourists always expect to admire in each festival is the “visual art contest with fruit”. This is the key cultural activities to develop and honor a traditional craft of local people. The contest will bring unique and colorful works of diverse ideas which contribute to express traditional culture genuine and precious of Vietnam.


Visitors  to Southern Fruit Festival


Another highlight of the 10th festival is the fruit parade. It is a unique extravaganza show which can be found nowhere else. It recreates the legend of wonderland with fairies escorting the Shennong along with 16 Goddesses who bring precious fruits, miraculous seeds and fragrant flowers to the Earth to congratulate the Southern Fruit Festival. The show has the participation of over 200 actors and actresses who are masqueraded in street festival style. The show takes places 2 times per day during 3 summer months.   


Extra Specialties in Southern Fruit Festival


The collection of strange fruits will make tourists excited by displaying several exotic kinds of fruits such as lizard, Osaka, trumpet, rattle, frog, and so forth. Since the beginning, the collection has introduced over 1000 strange and rare samples. In addition to the collection of strange fruits, the collection of giant fruits has surprised tourists with over 500 huge fruits of all kinds such as squashes, pumpkins 50 – 60 kilograms in weight, coconuts weighing 10 kilograms, mangos weighing 3 kilograms,… The Fruit Floating Market, the Collections of Strange and Giant Fruits have set the Vietnamese records of “the festival has most kinds of fruits” in 2011.


A local pomelo in Southern Fruit Festival


In addition, when visiting the festival, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of unique foods. Phu Dong Tien Ngu restaurant will serve more than 30 delicious dishes which are made from fruits, especially a food made from 32 kinds of fruits named “Long Life” which set record in 2012. Besides, along roads of festivals are 100 miniature models made from fruits. Participating in the festival, tourists may contemplate artistic works of bonsai in the exhibition area, explore amazing folk products of traditional villages or enjoy a series of music shows like Southern Don Ca Tai Tu (a kind of traditional music of Southern Vietnam which is recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO), cultural-exchanging programs of international troupes from Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

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