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Preparation for Hung Temple Festival 2015

Mon, 13 Apr 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:26

During Hung Temple Festival 2015, offerings will be selected strictly than those of many years ago, said Mr. Luu Quang Huy, director of Hung Temple historical relic. Last year, the organizers also refused to receive "recorded" flag and hot air balloon.

In Hung Temple Festival 2015, all areas of restaurants and stalls in the historical relics will be controlled, arranged, and disposed to ensure a civilized and polite festival. In addition, the reparation of water and  electrical supply system, public sanitation, maintenance of electronic boards, garden remodeling, maintenance and repairing internal roads, installation of additional signposts, billboards in dangerous area; planting trees and flowers, in front of the temple; and arranging parking area... Some works are renewed and upgraded such as the main entrance of the central festival, the stage of A’s bleachers in the center of the festival, installation of cameras at temples and pagodas in Nghia Linh Mountain... The main entrance of the festival is renewed with stones walled, but it still ensures aesthetics to serve visitors coming to Hung King Festival 2015.


Formal Rituals in Hung King Festival


To welcome the one of the most important festivals in Vietnam, the restoration of Thien Quang Pagoda has already completed, along with some key works invested previously with the total capital of hundreds of billion dong. The pagoda has been put into operation. Here is the place for pilgrims from every where to come and to offer incenses. This makes Hung Temple become more sacred, majestic and aesthetic. The work is appreciated highly as a special national historical relics where the Vietnamese ancestors are being worshiped. According to the director of Hung King Temple historical relic, apart from investment, restorations of projects and works in the area of the relic, household businesses are ordered not to change pence, not to solicit visitors, not put pressure on price, and must ensure security and order at parking areas. Hung King Festival 2015 is hosted by Phu Tho People's Committee with the participation of five provinces: Son La, Phu Yen, Dac Nong, Tien Giang, and Bac Lieu. Activities of ceremony and festival in Hung King Festival 2015 will take place in 6 days, from April 23 - 28 (from 5th - 10th days of the third lunar month). Hung King Temple Festival 2015 will be held in solemnity with community spirit. The major activities are the ceremony of offering incense, and procession ceremony...


People Heading for Hung King Festival


Hung King Temple Festival is organized to educate the Vietnamese tradition of patriotism, deeply grateful to Hung Kings and predecessors who contributed to building and defending for the country, traditional moral education, consolidating national unity bloc of Vietnam... At the same time, the festival confirms efforts of Phu Tho province in the conservation of cultural heritage values of the home land, especially the heritage of "Xoan singing" and "Belief in worshiping Hung King". Simultaneously, synchronous implementing tasks and key solutions on preserving and promoting "Xoan singing in Phu Tho" and proposing to UNESCO in 2015 are important tasks. Honor the heritage value of "Worshiping Hung Kings in Phu Tho" as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Through the organization of death anniversary of Hung Kings - Hung Temple Festival, cultural values of Hung Vuong era are honored and promoted.

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