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Vietnam - Europe Documentary Film Festival 2015 in Hanoi

Tue, 16 Jun 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

At present, Vietnam - Europe Documentary Film Festival 2015 is being held in Hanoi with many outstanding documentary films of Vietnam and other countries. The festival is a good chance for Vietnam documentary films to be promulgated to the world.

On June 9 morning, Vietnam Central Scientific and Documentary Film Company, Association of Cultural Institutes and Embassies of European countries held a press conference to introduce the 7th Vietnam - Europe Documentary Film Festival. The festival will take place in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City from June 10 - 20. In the evening, European Union National Institutes for Culture in Hanoi (EUNIC) coordinated with Central Documentary and Science Film Company to hold an opening ceremony of the 7th Vietnam - Europe Documentary Film Festival. Attending the opening ceremony, there were representatives of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Hanoi and audience who love documentary films. The 7th EU-Vietnam Documentary Film Festival focused on introducing the domestic and international documentary films are highly appreciated by experts. Many films winning at international film festivals are the participations of films of Vietnam, Germany, and France... The films represent many different contents such as history, culture and society of a country, also films addressing sensitive issues like GLBT...


Finn (Netherlands)


Unlike previous film festivals in Vietnam, this is a documentary film festival considered the most extensive one on both quantity of country participants (8 European countries, Israel and Vietnam), of films (from the European countries, Israel, Vietnam and South East Asian countries), and contents. In addition to the screenings, there will be exchange meetings with three filmmakers from Germany, Israel, France, and presentations of two documentaries networks of Indonesia (operating in Southeast Asia), and of France (operating in Americas, Europe and Asia). Besides, there will be two filmmaking workshops are organized: Workshop on "Script development" in Hanoi for young filmmakers from Southeast Asia presented by German director Arne Birkenstock, and the workshop in Ho Chi Minh City for Hoa Sen University presented by a Israeli film-maker. Two movies, one of German filmmaker Arne Birkenstock and another of Le Hong Chuong elite were selected for the premiere night. The movie by German filmmaker Arne Birkenstock is an emotional documentary film in which horn Kiwi artist - Hayden Chisholm meets musicians of all types (composers, singers, the old, the young, tradition, modern, eccentric, and serious. However, they all share a common passion for music, which is also the embodiment of noble love that German presents their fatherland.


One day in Europe (Germany)


The Vietnam film directed by a Vietnamese director brought a nostalgia and thought about the fear, worry, and desire about family and future based on the real picture of Northern soldiers who fought and passed away in years from 1954 to 1975. The film was awarded The Best Documentary Film in Asia Pacific Film Festival and the Golden Kite Award of Vietnam Cinema Association in 2005. At this festival, 10 documentary films in Vietnam are contributed with many different aspects such as Spratly Islands - Vietnam film - the sovereignty claim and determination to build and protect the Vietnam people's island. The film "Giọt nước giữa đại dương" is about the life and career of General Vo Nguyen Giap - the legendary general, and the elder brother of the Vietnam People's Army. Meanwhile, the film "Chốn quê" is about problems of rural area and cultural material life of farmers in the market economy.


EU Film Festival Schedule 2015


With attractive screening schedule, the film festival will bring diverse experiences; help audience be exposed to different cultures. The large scope of documentary films, whether western or oriental movie style, shares a common trait: passion to learn about the world through pictures. Selected films in premiere ceremony, of which got awards at international film festivals with an honest glimpse of the world will bring new assumptions about everyday life, social changes, and cultural values of the country which have films in participation. The Vietnam - Europe Documentary Film Festival in Hanoi will take place from June 10 - 19 at Central Documentary Science Film Company, and from June 11-20 at Hoa Sen University (Ho Chi Minh City). The festival is open free to the audience who loves movies, especially documentary film.

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