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Hung King Festival remains traditions

Fri, 28 Mar 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:59

Phu Tho is ready for Hung King Festival to be held in 2014. The festival’s organization rejects records of units, organizations and individuals preparing and honoring the festival. Phu Tho also strives for making the festival an epitome of the country.

Hung King Festival is one of the most important national traditional festivals in Vietnam. It often takes place on the 10th day of the third lunar month in Phu Tho. The main purpose of this festival is to commemorate the merits of Hung Kings in the course of national establishment and development. The “Ritual of worshiping Hung Vuong” in Phu Tho is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage, representation of humanity by UNESCO. The festival 2014, apart from maintaining featuring programs as important parts of the traditional festival, Phu Tho province also incorporates many new features, of which the highlight is the ritual of community’s activities associated with local activities.

The part of celebration at Hung Temple Festival includes a number of activities: commemorating Hung Kings, anniversary of Lac Long Quan's death and Au Co. offering incense in the relics of Hung Kings and other celebrities under Hung King Empire. In the part of activities like cultural camping, performing arts, exhibitions of specialties and culinary culture of the 13 districts and cities in the province, performances of Bronze Drum and lion dancing. Making Chung Cake competition, photography exhibition of traditional rituals, and exhibitions of typical artworks of the homeland and Phu Tho people are to be interesting activities in this festival.


Hung Temple Festival offering incense ritual


Ceremonies in Hung King Festival


The ritual of worshiping Hung Kings has been a long-lasting and nice tradition of national culture for thousands of years. The ritual is recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage representing for the human beings. In 2014, Hung Temple Festival is going to take place from the sixth day to tenth day of the third lunar month (from April 5- 9) in Hung King Temple (Phu Tho) with the participation of four provinces: Bac Ninh, Quang Binh, Vinh Long, and Long An.

In Viet Tri City, many interesting activities will take place, including artistic programs welcoming Hung King Festival 2014 with the theme on “Coming to rural heritage”. Xoan Singing Festival, exhibitions of architectural model of Hung Vuong Tower, “Sovereignty of Vietnam sea and islands”, Hung Vuong Fair, contests, fireworks performance in Hung Vuong Square are promising activities in this festival. A new feature in this year festival is the management board of Hung King Relics has proposed the provincial People’s Committee for asking Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have guidelines on offering incense to Hung Kings at the same time in all spots. Besides, in the Hung King Festival 2014, traditional music of Vinh Long and Long An (Don Ca Tai Tu), Bac Ninh folk music, and traditional music of Quang Binh will be performed.


Hung Temple Festival organization ejecting records


Hung King Festival


On March 26, Mr. Ha Ke San, the Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Committee as well as the leader of the festival’s organization said that to avoid negative information, Hung King Festival 2014 would not receive recorded offerings from units, organizations, individuals. Previously, offerings like the biggest Chung cake, or the biggest bottle of wine were given by individuals and organizations with all their hearts, he added. However, this triggered negative opinions. Thus, this year, the festival’s organization strongly refuses to receive these offerings. Besides, to ensure a clean and nice Hung King Festival, a meaningful convergence of people, the organizers held all the contents of the festival carefully. Ministry of Public Security established two joint inspection teams to maintain the implementation of rules and regulations during the festival, coordinate with the Department of Transportation in ramification, ensuring convenience for people in the festival.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has perfected the construction of plan, detailed scenarios of organizing artistic, cultural and sports activities during the festival. Simultaneously, two joint inspection teams of checking and handling unauthorized cultural activities and services, in the city. The Department of Trade and Industry steers management operations of services on sales, coordinates with relevant agencies to inspect prices of commodities in the region in general and Hung Temple in particular.

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