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Perfume Pagoda offers free tickets during 3 days on Tet holiday

Sat, 14 Feb 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:21

Perfume Pagoda Festival 2015 will officially open on February 24th (January 6th in the lunar calendar). On the occasion of Tet Holiday, the organizing committee will offer free tickets for visitors when making a pilgrimage in Perfume Pagoda during 3 days.

Similar to the preceding years, Perfume Pagoda Festival 2015 will be opened in January 6th in the lunar calendar. To prepare for the festival, My Duc District established seven subcommittees to manage and organize the festival. These subcommittees will take responsibility for ensuring social security, traffic safety, food hygiene and safety, and environment protection during the festival.


Boat ride to Perfume Pagoda


Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Hau, Vice Chairman of My Duc District People Committee - Head of the Organizing Committee said that up to now, all the preparations for the festival were ready. Illegal actions such as soliciting travelers to buy goods or use services, overpricing, food and drink catering, violating food hygiene and safety when doing food and drink businesses will thorough treated. The Organizing Committee will list ticket price, especially, free tickets will be offered during three days on the occasion of Tet Holiday including December 30th and February 1st and 2nd in the lunar calendar. Mr. Nguyen Van Hau stated: "With regard to the security and order, My Duc District has prepared a plan to ensure tourist's security when going on pilgrimage in Perfume Pagoda. 200 soldiers will be mobilized to ensuring the security and order for the festival. My Duc District and the Organizing Committee will strictly handle all illegal actions.

Huong Pagoda, which is also called as another name - Perfume Pagoda, is a famous scenic spot attracting numerous tourists not only because its own beauty but also the scared Buddhist belief subculture of Vietnam people.  Perfume Pagoda is a home of many caves and temples. The natural sceneries of this spectacular relics will make any visitors easily find peace in their soul. Undergone many centuries, Perfume Pagoda is the scared place of Vietnamese people, therefore, at the beginning of a year, thousands of travelers make a pilgrimage to enjoy natural landscapes and pray for a lucky and happy new year.


Inside Perfume Pagoda complex


Huong Pagoda Festival (Perfume Pagoda Festival) is one of the biggest spiritual festivals in Vietnam in spring along with Yen Tu Festival and Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival. Perfume Pagoda Festival is annually held in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi City. As usual, January 6th (in the lunar calendar) is the opening day of the festival. The festival often lasts to the end of March. Perfume Pagoda has become a familiar name of both domestic and foreign tourists. Every year, when spring is coming and apricot is gloriously blooming, millions of Buddhists and tourists eagerly go on pilgrimage to the Buddhist land. Vietnamese people believe that visiting pagodas at the beginning of a year will bring luck, happiness, prosperity, and good health. Besides, this is also a good chance to admire natural landscapes and enjoy the cool atmosphere in spring.

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