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New activities in Halong Carnival 2015

Tue, 05 May 2015. Last updated Tue, 05 May 2015 16:20

Activities in Halong Carnival 2015 are expected to bring to participants different feelings about the outstanding street festival. The Halong Carnival always changes with new and interesting programs to bring interesting experiences to visitors.

Quang Ninh Province mobilized 2,700 people to join the Halong Carnival 2015 with many featured and outstanding programs. At the end of April 2015, the organizing committee of Halong Carnival 2015, Quang Ninh's authorities organized a press conference announcing  about the organization of Halong Carnival 2015 with theme of "Converging quintessence-Spreading smiles" will take place at 20:00 on May 8, 2015 on Hoang Quoc Viet Street in Halong City. According to the organizing committee, activities in Halong Carnival 2015 are changed from contents, ideas to performance. The festival consists of three parts: first, it is the "Greeting from Beach City"; second, it is the "Convergence of quintessence"; and third, it is "Halong smile".

This is one of the most important festivals in Halong as an art program with the combination of singing, dancing, music, and staged performances on the 1-km street. The festival has the participation of more than 2,700 professional and semi-professional actors and actresses who represent for industries, localities, and ethnic groups in the province, as well as the coordination of foreign artists delegations. The program includes 11 performing groups and 10 flower floats. Models and mobile stages are decorated impressively in accordance with themes of "Coming to Carnaval Halong", "Flower Street", "Beach City", "Black Pearls", "Yellow Sand and Blue Sea", and "Halong Smile"...


Participants in Halong Carnaval 2014


Up until now, there are nine famous singers and music bands, and two foreign art delegation registered to participate in the program. The festival is designed with three stages (one main stage and two sub-stages) on an area of 900 square meters with a large and modern scale, equipment, advanced technique, sound and light effects... Halong Carnaval 2015 has practical activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Mine, 40 years of Southern Liberation, Vietnam Reunification Day, International Labor Day and the 125th Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. The festival also honors and promotes the global value of Ha Long Bay - World Natural Wonder.

Beside Carnival in Halong, Halong - Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2015 is implemented widely in the province with a series of attractive activities such as Vietnam Circus performances and sports tournaments, Fine Art and Photograph Exhibition "Quang Ninh - The land I love", OCOP Fair in Quang Ninh 2015, and Tuan Chau International Beach Women Volleyball Contest... These activities appeal the consideration and participation of hundreds of thousands of locals, domestic and international tourists.


Actors and Actresses perfoming in Halong Carnival


In recent 10 years, Carnival in Halong becomes a brand of Quang Ninh tourism. The street festival entices thousands of tourists to come to Halong to welcome a wonderful summer holiday. With the participation of locals and tourists, the indigenous cultural elements seem to be increasingly clearer in the festival. Along with the marvelous treasure of millennial rocks floating in the sea, Halong Bay has gained worldwide acclaim on every famous newspapers about Halong tourism. In addition, Carnaval Halong becomes a party for tourists who love the city. This is the second time that Halong is assigned to host the festival.

Carnival Halong 2015 keeps the models of performances on stage in the combination with flower carriage, folk dancing, performances of ethnic groups, and parade of provinces. However, this year, the artistic performances on stage and parades will take place in parallel, in order to create a lively and new festive atmosphere. Obviously, Quang Ninh is one of the convergences of national quintessence. Quang Ninh has also kicked off the program "Halong Smile" with the purpose of profoundly promulgating the image of Halong to locals and tourists, to contribute to the development of Quang Ninh tourism in general and Halong tourism in particular.

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