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Red Flamboyant Festival 2015 in Haiphong

Tue, 12 May 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:28

Recently, in Haiphong City, the 4th Red Flamboyant Festival was held and finished successfully. The event appealed a lot of locals and tourists. Continuing the success of the previous festivals, the 4th one brought wonderful performances and programs.

On May 9 evening, at the square in front of Haiphong Opera House in Haiphong City, the opening ceremony of the 4th Red Flamboyant Festival 2015 in Haiphong with the theme "Haiphong - The 60-year epic" took place. This is one of the big events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Haiphong Liberation Day (13/5/1955-13/5/2015). The 4th Red Flamboyant Festival reflects the heroic struggle of the people in Haiphong City in two wars, and achievements during the renovation period. Haiphong City is making its effort to build a green-port, civilized and modern city. The festival ended on May 11 successfully. The event left in locals and tourists’ mind a strong impression. Every one looks forwards to enjoying the next Red Flamboyant Festival in Haiphong.


Parade in  Red Flamboyant Festival in Haiphong


Red Flamboyant Festival – Haiphong is a new tourism product of the city with outstanding and colorful art, cultural, sports activities, contributing to promoting the image of Haiphong City. The first Red Flamboyant Festival in Haiphong was held in 2012. Hundreds of professional semi-professional actors took part in the festival. This is also a starting point for the city to organize successfully the National Tourism Year of Red River Delta region. It also marked that the Red Flamboyant Festival becomes one of important annual festivals in Haiphong.


Art performance at the Red Flamboyant Festival in Haiphong


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of Haiphong People's Committee - Mr. Le Van Thanh Haiphong gave the overview of the city's achievements. Haiphong is the gateway to the South China Sea of the North Vietnam. This is the leading locality in the Reform period. Over the years, many strategic projects have been invested by the city such as Haiphong international port and Cat Bi International Port..., which creates motivation for the Haiphong economy to develop. With the target of implementing the guideline of the government on making Haiphong become a green-port, civilized and modern city in the future. The city keeps having outstanding reforms to attract more investors, create good mechanism for development of business and upgrade of public administration.


Street parade in Red Flamboyant Festival in Haiphong City


The Red Flamboyant Festival Haiphong started with the drum performance, dragon dancing, and other carnival parades with the participation of 10 models and more than 1,600 people, including soldiers, policemen, marine policemen, workers, peasants, women, youth, businessmen... The art performance if Red Flamboyant Festival 2015 with the theme of "Haiphong - The 60-year epic" consists of five parts: Red Flamboyant Memoir, Historical Marks, Fire and Flowers, Desire of flower seasons, and Haiphong - Forever Beautiful Flower Season. Program's participants are famous artists and actors such as People's Artist Le Khanh, My Linh Singer, Anh Tho Singer, Trong Tan Singer, Viet Hoan Singer, Thanh Thuy Singer, and Le Anh Dung Singer...


Beautiful actresses in Red Flamboyant Festival


After the art performances, there were fireworks shows at five famous places in the city: behind Haiphong Opera House, VSIP Industrial Zone in Thuy Nguyen District, square at Cat Ba District, square lagoon in Do Son, and a Lake in Vinh Bao. At 00:00 May 5, there was a fireworks performance at Tam Bac Lake and An Bien Lake in Haiphong City. In addition, there are many art performances of international delegations, sport dancing, aerobic and hiphop shows. There were many interesting activities during the festival in the days to come.

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