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Halong Cherry Blossom Festival 2015 to be held

Sat, 28 Mar 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:25

Halong Cherry Blossom Festival 2015 with the theme of Peace, Prosperity, Cooperation and Development will be held from April 2 to April 5, 2015 at 30-4 Square in Halong City. Halong Cherry Blossom event is one of annual festivals in Halong.

Halong Cherry Blossom Festival is organized by Quang Ninh province and Wanokai International Culture Association to strengthen ties of friendship between Vietnamese people in general or Quang Ninh people in particular and Japanese people. The highlight of the festival 2015 is that apart from 500 cherry blossom flowers on display, there are Vietnam - Japan activities of art cultural exchange, expo, 100 booths introducing products of tourism, culture, food, household items, etc. of the two countries, Japanese animation films, guiding Vietnamese children making animation film and presentation about the universe and cherry blossom... In this festival, children in the northeast of Japan will reward cherry blossom trees to children of Quang Ninh to express the gratitude to Vietnamese people. Cherry Blossom Festival in Halong is also one of festivals in Vietnam attracting a large number of young generation as well.


Press conference on Halong Cherry Blossom Festival 2015


Since the first Cherry Blossom Festival in Halong held in 2013, it is maintained and expanded in scale, and promises to bring more attractions and becomes one of important festivals in Halong. This year, Cherry Blossom Festival in Halong is a practical activities on the anniversary of the 40th Vietnam Reunification Day, and 60th Liberation Day of the mine. Therefore, the theme of Halong Cherry Blossom Festival 2015 is defined as "Peace - Prosperity - Cooperation - Development". Taking place in 4 days (from April 2 to April 5) at 30-4 Square in Halong City. The festival has many interesting activities. Among those, the display of cherry blossom is still the most attraction in this festival. The number of cherry blossom is estimated to reach up about 500 branches, double higher than that of the last year. The display of these cherry blossom in combination with some cherry blossom trees, fine art works (painting, photos...) and Led-screen presentation about kinds of cherry blossom... The event promises to bring a great impression to audience.

Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Therefore, coming to Cherry Blossom Festival 2015, visitors have chances to explore more about the culture of Japan through Vietnam - Japan cultural and art exchange activities, artist photos exhibition introducing kinds of cherry blossom in combination with traditional cultural features, some heritage sites, products of tourism, culture, cuisine, household items, and souvenirs of Japanese. There are activities of cultural exchange, folk games of two countries. Young generation has a chance to exchange and understand more about Japanese study abroad, exploring animation technology, and enjoy animated movie as well.


Colors in Halong Carnival 2013


To businesses, this is a chance for them to understand and cooperate through promotion activities of Vietnam and Japan businesses. Units and businesses in Quang Ninh can learn more via symposium introducing some of new Japanese technology and achievements in terms of medical, agriculture, and industry. Through the festival, the diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Japan is strengthened. The event also attracts a large number of local and international visitors, contributing to the development of Quang Ninh tourism and general and Halong tourism in particular.

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