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Vietnam Reunification Day

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:42

To celebrate the victory of Vietnam in Vietnam War, and the liberation of South Vietnam, Vietnamese people held Vietnam Reunification Day celebration. This is one of important holidays of Vietnam, which recalls victorious history of Vietnamese people.

Reunification Day Vietnam is one of the most important holidays of Vietnam. The holiday is often celebrated with the International Labor Day (May 1). The Reunification Day is also known as Liberation Day of Vietnam. The day of April 30, 1975 becomes one of great holidays in Vietnam marking the liberation of Southern Vietnam and the end of Vietnam War. Every year since, Vietnam Reunification Day is celebrated to commemorate the reunification between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North and the Republic of Vietnam in the South into the present-day Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Before this special event is actually organized, the origin and meaning of Reunification Day attract much public attention. Reunification Day is annually celebrated on April 30 as one of public holidays in Vietnam. All Vietnamese people are off from work to celebrate the important national event. Great music shows are performed with victorious songs. All houses are required to hang Vietnamese flag in front of their door and city streets are lighted up with red banners and flags.


Saigon street during Reunification Day

Street Parade in Reunification Day


During the holiday, most offices in Vietnam and abroad will be closed. Before the Vietnamese holiday for a week, streets and boulevards in Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City and other big cities are full of catchy decoration with colorful banners, flags and neon lights. Also, these main streets are well prepared for parades and street performances. In some culture centers, stages for national live shows are carefully prepared as well. During Reunification Day in Vietnam, major cities witness its quietest atmosphere as people come back their homeland to reunite with their beloved family. In front of all Vietnamese houses, Vietnam’s national flags are proudly hung and waving in the air. On television, many memorial programs or music performances with victorious songs related to Vietnam War and history of Vietnam are broadcasted. Particularly, in Ho Chi Minh City, lines of parades coloring up main boulevards at the beginning of the day with the participation of a large number of both Vietnamese people and international tourists.


Fireworks performance in April 30


During Vietnam public holidays in general and Vietnam Reunification Day in particular, many unique and funny artistic performances and music concerts take place in big centers inner cities, especially in amusement parks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with the participations of Vietnam and foreign countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. The programs of these countries are complicatedly prepared and carefully practiced by artists. In Ho Chi Minh City, the authority also approves to organize fireworks performance to celebrate this important day. Many artistic shows take place in outdoor stages in exciting and bustling atmosphere with numerous local people and tourists participating in these shows. Specifically, in historical relics such as Independence Palace, War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, and other museums in Hanoi, the celebration for this holidays in Vietnam is more magnificently and meaningful.

Liberation of South Vietnam is one of public Vietnamese holidays, thus, this is also an occasion for Vietnamese to be off from work and relax. They tend to travel to the outskirt of their cities to enjoy wonderful time in resorts or tourist attractions. Meanwhile, inner cities are ideal places for tourists to travel and explore without being bothered by crowd in famous attractions and hustling vehicles on the roads. Also, almost Vietnamese families will celebrate the event by holding small parties to meet their friends and relatives. This is a chance for them to commemorate their memories and enjoy relaxing time together.

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