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Vietnam culture honored in ASEAN Festival in Czech

Fri, 26 Jun 2015. Last updated Fri, 26 Jun 2015 14:01

Recently, An attractive and colorful cultural space of Vietnam culture was recreated vividly at ASEAN Cultural Festival in Czech some days ago. In this festival, many cultural featured of Vietnam are traditional dances and folklore singing styles.

The ASEAN Festival is proposed and coordinated by the Embassy of Vietnam with the Embassy of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and the local government of Karlovy Vary to organize with the aim of promoting Vietnam culture in particular and cultures of ASEAN countries in the Czech Republic. An attractive and colorful cultural space was recreated vividly at ASEAN Cultural Festival in Sokolov, Karlovy in Czech on 20 June. Vietnamese men and ladies in traditional costumes as Ao dai, turban, and conical hats performed folk songs of Quang ho singing and Ca Tru singing, honoring the beauty of Vietnam. Many young Vietnamese people perform pop and balad or dance songs attracting audience and applause of local people.

Ambassadors of the ASEAN Committee in Prague

Specifically, the culinary booths appealed many local residents to taste traditional dishes of Vietnam. ASEAN Festival is one of outstanding cultural economic events that ASEAN committee in Czech held by Vietnam to enhance the introduction about ASEAN Community to Czech, and seeking investment partners. The ASEAN Cultural Festival included various activities, introductions to Czech people about tourist spots, cuisine, music, costumes, and culture in Vietnam and other countries as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. In the framework of this festival, display booths of Ao dai, Conical hats, Dong Ho folk paintings, and photo exhibition about cultural activities of Vietnam ethnic groups, appealing a large number of audience. Some famous Vietnam traditional art music performances were Unicorn dancing, conical hat dancing, and performances of traditional music instruments.

ASEAN Festival of Arts in Vietnam

Ambassador Truong Manh Son stressed that the ASEAN Cultural Festival is one of events in the anniversary of 65th year of Vietnam - Czech diplomatic relation. In the time coming, with the position of Chairman of ASEAN Committee in Praha, Vietnam Embassy will continue to coordinate with embassies ot other ASEAN countries to organize events to promote cultures through activities of ASEAN Film Week, and ASEAN Family Festival. Thereby, the solidarity, friendship and diplomatic community in ASEAN countries in particular and with Czech in general will be enhanced more.

Earlier, the delegation of Embassy of Vietnam and ASEAN countries also had a meeting with provincial leaders of Karlovy Vary, and than agreed the principle of activities of investment cooperation in the coming period, especially in the strong fields such as tourism, resort and crystal production. From now until the end of the year, the Commission will work with the Czech to organize artistic and cultural activities to celebrate the 65-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Czech, ASEAN Film Week with Vietnam Film Day, ASEAN Family Day, and Festival of ASEAN ethnic groups at the end of this year.

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