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Ao Dai Festival 2015 held in Ho Chi Minh City

Sat, 07 Mar 2015. Last updated Sat, 28 Mar 2015 10:20

HCMC will organize the 2nd Ao Dai Festival 2015. It takes place from March 7-8 at Dam Sen Cultural Park. The event witnesses the participation of 60 unites, businesses, designers, Ao Dai artisans, and reputable brands of Ao Dai in Ho Chi Minh City.

Activities in Ao Dai Festival 2015 are various from performances of Ao Dai collections of excellent well-known designers, consultants of sewing and buying Ao Dai to Ao Dai exhibitions, talks about Ao Dai with designers, competition, beautiful photos, and drawing on Ao Dai... The Organizing Committee also invests in space so visitors can record beautiful images, organizes music programs and comedies. Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2014, Lan Khue is the representative of the program. She will participate in all activities of the festival. The festival is one of famous modern festivals in Vietnam, and is an important event in promotion strategy, Ho Chi Minh City tourism promotion, and to commemorate 40 years since the Liberation of the South. The event is held on March 8, which is a meaningful playground for women and is an opportunity to honor the traditional Ao Dai which is considered Vietnam national dress.

Ao Dai – a unique work of art is the pride of Vietnamese people. The dress carries the essence of Vietnamese culture, the creative source of poems, music, and fine arts. Ao Dai of women with an elegant beauty is the loving soul of Vietnamese women, while men's one is the symbol of standard, formal & fresh Vietnamese man. Following the success of the 1st Ao Dai Festival 2014, the 2nd festival 2015 will be held in 2 days (March 7-8) at Dam Sen Cultural Park. The festival aims to further replicate activities to honor, preserve and promote traditional cultural values and the beauty of the Ao dai Vietnam. It contributes to introducing visitors the image Ao dai over historical periods of the country. It also creates an environment of cultural exchange between the public, the designers, and famous Ao Dai artisans through unique work of arts on display at the festival.


Competitors in the first Ao Dai Festival


Joining the festival, visitors will be especially attracted by contests: Drawing Ao Dai for city's children, Best Ao Dai Photos for familes, groups, or individuals. Highlight of the festival is the special contest of "Charming Ao Dai" for candidates from 18-35 years old, attracting the attention and register of nearly 5,000 candidates. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the exciting atmosphere of the contest and the performance, which makes visitors love Ao Dai Vietnam more. Coming to Ao Dai Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors have an opportunity to enjoy and admire Ao Dai fashion show performed by models from PL Company and Lan Khue - Miss Ao Dai Vietnam, music shows and comedies taking place continuously with the participation of many famous and favorite music stars and artists. The event also has culinary activities with unique and delicious dishes. The organizing committee arranges colorful spaces with various themes, which provides visitors chances to record happy moments with friends and family.


Activities in Ao Dai Festival 2015


Mr. Nguyen Chanh Loc - General Director of Phu Tho tourism service Limited Company - the jointly organized units said that during two days of the festival, visitors if wearing Ao Dai will be free from ticket. On March 8 alone, visitors as women will be discounted 50% for full package. And, 1000 presents will be given to 1000 first women coming here. Besides, to create favorable conditions for all visitors to take part in "Best Ao Dai photos", during two days of March 7-8, the organizer will invite reputable photographers to take photos for visitors in Ao Dao free. In addition, to responding the spirit of the festival "Ho Chi Minh City - Ao Dai City", all female official staff of departments, committees, branches, tourism companies, and hotels will wear Ao Dai during 2 weeks from March 2 to March 13, 2015. Some Museums will be venues of Ao Dai exhibitions, or talks and seminars: "Vietnamese Women's Dresses through wars".

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