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Khau Vai Love Market Festival 2015 in Ha Giang

Sat, 16 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

From the 25th - 28th of the third month in lunar calendar (13 - 16 May 2015), Khau Vai Love Market Festival takes place with a series of featured traditional cultural activities of residents in Khau Vai, Ha Giang - a province in the Northwest of Vietnam.

The cultural week of Khau Vau Love Market Festival 2015 is held from 13 - 16 May 2015 with a large scale. Apart from the offering incenses at some places such as Ong Temple, Ba Temple, and France Booth..., there are many interesting and various activities organized to highlight characterized cultural features of local people. These activities are art performance replaying the legendary love story and the 2nd Northwest Vietnam Beauty Contest. On this occasion, tourists have a chance to enjoy folk songs of men and ladies of Tay, Giay and Nung ethnic groups; or the flute sound of Dao men, Khen's sound of H' Mong men calling his friends; contemplate the beauty of mountainous ladies in colorful brocade dresses; and taste typical specialties of Ha Giang. In the framework of Khau Vai Love Market Festival in Ha Giang, there is a competition of cattle.


Khen dancing of Hmong ethnic group


Khau Vai Love Market, former Phong Luu Market (Swell Market) was firstly held in 1919, starting from a romantic love story. The story goes that in Khau Vai there were the residence of Nung and Giay ethnic groups. One day, a Nung man fell in love with a Giay lady. Their love was so perfect, but their families disagreed. The couple decided to escape, which resulted in friction and altercation between two villages of Nung and Giay people. The couple, finally, decided to separate. They promised that each year they would meet each other on the 27th day of the third lunar month. Since then, there was a market open at the meeting place of the couple. Traditionally, the market is not a purchasing place; it is a meeting place for broke-up couples to share their emotions.

The most highlight of Khau Vai Love Market Festival is that there are many pairs of Tay, Nung, Giay, and H' Mong from communes of Nam Ban, Niem Son, Tat Nga, Lung Pu, Son Vi, Thuong Phung, and other places joining the festival. At the market, the wives come to seek their friends (ex-boyfriends) and so do their husbands. Both of them respect each other and their friends. They regard it as a spirituality, duty and responsibility of spiritual life of their partner. When the market ends, wives and husbands come back to their official partners and continue their daily life. The market also attracts young people who come here to seek love and to find Mrs. and Mr. Right through sounds of Khen and folk songs.


Khau Vai Love Market Festival in Ha Giang


Khau Vai Love Market became Khau Vai Love Market Festival in 2007. From 2012, Khau Vai Love Market Festival is organized in the form of a Cultural Tourism Week. It is expected that the number of tourists coming to the festival will increase. The organizing committee ordered business units to pledge to obey regulations and create a beautiful image of Khau Vai in the eyes of tourists. Simultaneously, the sanitation, security and order are improved significantly. The outstanding love market becomes a legend. It is the festive day for unfinished couples who love each other, but they could not get married. Thus, on the 27th of the third lunar month, they come to this market to share everything together. Khau Vai Love Market praises pure loves which create good values in present-day life. It is also an exchange place of outstanding cultural features of ethnic groups, which attracts tourists to come to the area, especially Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark.

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