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International Kite Festival 2014 flying with Vietnam

Wed, 14 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

The International Kite Festival Ba Ria Vung Tau 2014 with the theme of “Flying with Vietnam” was held in Vung Tau City for the fifth time. This year festival is assessed to be greatly impressive with several attractive programs and competitions.

For the purpose of maintaining and promoting traditional cultural values of Vietnam as well as Vung Tau festivals, developing various types of sports and entertainment, creating favorable conditions for kite artisans to compose and manipulate new genres of kite, the International Kite Festivals 2014 with the theme of “Flying with Vietnam” was held. It is expected that the festival will contribute to connect cultural bridges, exchange experiences between countries for further development. It is also an ideal opportunity for local enterprises and companies to introduce and promote their trademarks to domestic and international tourists.


Colorful kites in the International Kite Festival 2014


The festival was held from May 2014 8th to 12th at Paradise golf resort, Vung Tau tourism market, East Sea resort, Vung Tau Intourco resort and at the empty lot adjacent to Provincial Administrative Center on Truong Chinh Street in Phuong Trung District. It is reported that 29 countries and 1 territory under China along with 75 their artisans participated in the festival. 10 countries from Europe were Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, UK, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, and Scotland. New Zealand and Australia were the representatives of Australia. 13 countries from Asia were Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, China, Cambodia, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, and Laos. America participated in with 4 four countries: Canada, USA, Brazil, and Mexico. In addition, Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Zone of China is the only one territory to take part in the festival.


Performance in International Kite Festival 2014


In the framework of the festival, several diverse programs will be held such as kite exhibition, classes of creating and making kites, free-style flying a kite, kite competitions of Rokkaku, artist kites, flute kites, one-string kites, and especially the performances of artist kite on the evening of May 10th in Paradise golf course in Vung Tau City. This is the fifth time International Kite Festival to be celebrated. It is assessed to be an impressive and attractive event which appealed a large number of kite artisans all around the world. Simultaneously, through kites exhibitions and classes of making kites, tourists could learn about unique indigenous types of kites of each country, the art of creating kites and new technology applied in manipulating kites. 


Special Kites in International Kite Festival 2014


Mr. Paul Rowe, an Australian kite artisan shared that he had participated in all four times previously but this 5th time still left great impression on him. Artisans from all around the world had brought their most unique kites to introduce and compete with other kites. Through competitions, he as well as his companions had the chance to exchange and learn new experiences to apply in making kites of his own.

Mr. Jonathan, a US tourist excitedly shared that he had visited Ba Ria – Vung Tau for two times to join the International Kite Festival. In spite of just being a visitor, he also realized that the quality and quantity of kites this year festival improved significantly. Artisans brought here many genres of kites which were stranger, more beautiful and more attractive. He confirmed that he would return to Vung Tau City to participate in the next time festival.

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