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Featured shows at Vung Tau International Kite Festival 2015

Wed, 22 Apr 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

On April 15 morning, Mr. Ho Van Loi, Director of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Tourism, Sports and Culture Department hosted a press conference on organizing the 4th Vung Tau International Kite Festival 2015 in Vung Tau with the theme of Fly with Vietnam.

Vung Tau International Kite Festival is one of the most important annual festivals in Vung Tau. The event was firstly held in 2009. The biggest kite festival in Vietnam is the convergence of many kite clubs and associations from countries all over the world. The festival is also the meeting of many unique, diverse and featured kites in various colors, sizes, and styles. Apart from being seen as a cultural sport, the international kite festival is also a program appealing both local and international tourists. At the vivid and exciting festival, country members participating the festival show their own traditional kites with unique style. In which, Vietnam performs Hue kites featuring royal court style with images of dragon, phoenix, northern flute kites, and some modern kites with various shapes.


Vung Tau International Kite Festival


The 4th International Kite Festival Ba Ria Vung Tau has the participation of 20 delegations with 53 artisans from countries and continents such as Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand... Vietnam team has 44 artisans from 17 kite delegations countrywide, representing three parts of North, Central and South, along with the participation of kite clubs. All delegations of Vietnam will be registered with the same name as Vietnam. The new highlight of the International Kite Festival in Vung Tau is the improvement of performing quality with many attractive performances.

To ensure safety, the organizing committee praises the rule of "5 Donts": Do not fly kites near roads, near the crowd; do not fly flute kite at night; do not fly a kite near power poles and power lines; do not fly a kite in the storm; and do not fly a kite near the airport. During the festival (from April 22 to 27), tourists will enjoy many beautiful kites and join exciting activities on the theme "Fly with Vietnam", with the participation of 20 groups of 53 artisans from Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand... More than 30 countries attending this year's festival will compete kite artistic talent as well as technical kite control. Especially, during the festival in Vung Tau City, the organizers have open classes of composing, crafting kites and artist kite flying at night by the foreign artisans at Vung Tau Tourism Market. In addition to flying kite exchange, Rokkaku competition, artistic kites, flute kites, one-string kites with/ without bone, and synthetic 2-4 string kites, the international kite festival exhibits many kites at Intourco Hotel.


Snake kite at International Kite Festival in Vung Tau


Many unique kites will be first introduced in the festival such as two special kites named Uncle Teu (10m long, 2m wide) and Fairy Lady (12m long, 2m wide). The Vietnam flute kites can be controlled by two strings and four strings. By dint of these contests, kite artisans always change and create many new and strange kite style with unique features to show the international friends, especially traditional national style kites from countries. The International Kite Festival in Ba Ria Vung Tau is not just the beauty of traditional ethnic culture, but also a unique product of Vung Tau tourism for years.

From February 27 to March 1, Tourism - Sports - Culture Department held Vietnam Artistic Kite Festival 2015. The festival appealed 182 artisans from 15 clubs nationwide. During three days, local people and tourists in Vung Tau had a chance to contemplate the performances of 230 kites full of featured colors, shapes, and sizes such as Rokkaku Kite, Folk Flute Kite, Snake Kite, and one-string kite with bone... at places of Bien Dong tourist area, Intourco Hotel, and Paradise Resort. Kite of Vung Tau kite club, and Xuyen Moc District's Kite Club are performed at the space opposite Vung Tau administrative center. The event is a playground for artisans to exchange and learn about experiences on creating and new modern kites; at the same time, this is a chance for Vung Tau to promulgate the interesting event among famous festivals in Vietnam in general and Vietnam folk tradition in particular. After the festival, the organizing committee will choose the most beautiful and creative to join the International Kite Festival in the days coming in Vung Tau. 

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