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Hanoi dance music festival

Wed, 08 Oct 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

In the evening of October 6th, UNESCO Hanoi organized Hanoi dance music festival with many special and attractive repertoires to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day and the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of UNESCO Hanoi.

Hanoi dance music festival was formally held in Hanoi Opera House. The Festival was honored to welcome the attendance of Ms. Katherine Muller Marin - the Representative of UNESCO in Vietnam, Mr. Dao Van Binh – the President of Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations, Mr. Duong Quoc Trung – the Chairman of UNESCO Hanoi and other representatives of the City Party Committee, Hanoi People’s Committee, and members of UNESCO Hanoi.

Traditionally, Hanoi dance music festival is annual held to celebrate the anniversary of the capital liberation day in October 10. In this year, the festival was successfully organized with nearly 20 special repertoires. The theme for dance music festival  2014 is to praise the love for the country and compatriots and express admiration for President Ho Chi Minh. It can be said that collectives and individuals coming from clubs and center of UNESCO Hanoi brought Hanoi's citizens a fascinating and vibrant Dance music festival .


Hanoi Opera House


Mr. Duong Quoc Trung, the Chairman of UNESCO Hanoi, emphatically stated: “Dance music festival  is an annual activity organized by UNESCO Hanoi, which has attracted board participation of its member. This year's festival took place on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of UNESCO Hanoi (15/12/1994 - 15/12/2004). It is a great opportunity for its members to meet, interact, and exchange through repertoires to express the love of the country, encourage members to promote artistic and cultural communication for the mass. Besides, the festival also directed to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day and the 15th anniversary of the recognition as The City of Peace by UNESCO”.


Activities in 60th Anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day


Mr. Duong Quoc Trung also added: “In December 15th, 1994, UNESCO Hanoi officially became a member of UNESCO Vietnam and Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations.  Underwent 20 years of construction and growth, until now UNESCO Hanoi has strongly developed with 25 centers, clubs and nearly 3,000 members. The activities of UNESCO Hanoi have practically contributed to the development goals of education, science, culture, economy, and society for the capital. In the near future, continue promoting the results achieved, UNESCO Hanoi will proceed to develop in accordance with proposed criteria including positively propagating the activities of the organization, connecting all clubs in a joint action program, to disseminating information for Hanoi citizens in order to enhance the understanding of UNESCO's activities, practically contributing to the construction and renovation of Hanoi capital in particular and Vietnam in general”.

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