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Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival soon in Hanoi

Wed, 26 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

Taking place in two days on November 29th and 30th in outdoor garden at Calidas Keangnam Hotel, Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival 2014 is a great chance for anyone who loves Korea to explore the country's culture and cuisine.

Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival 2014 is one of annual festivals in Hanoi hosted by Korean Embassy in Vietnam in collaboration with Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Korea Project on International Agriculture (KOPIA), Korea Agricultural Products Distribution Corporation (AT), Korean Cultural Center (KCC), Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), and Korea International Exchange Fund (KF). Vietnam - Korea Cultural and Culinary Festival was firstly held in 2008. From that time, the festival is annual held until now. This is the sixth time Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival takes place. Accordingly, this year festival will be held in two days from November 29th to 30th in the outdoor garden in Calidas Keangnam Hotel, Hanoi.


Visitors are guided to make Kimchi


Speaking at a press conference on November 20th in Hanoi, Korean Embassy’s Minister Counselor Park Noh Wah said that after 5 consecutive successful festivals, Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival 2014 would see many Korean restaurants in Hanoi to attend and introduce their specialties at very reasonable price, therefore, it was really a good chance for visitors to come and taste diverse and mouth-watering dishes.

In the framework of the event, visitors will have chance to experience Korean cuisine prepared by Korean restaurants and Vietnamese dishes cooked by Vietnam - Korea Family Association. Attending in the festival, visitors will be guided to make Kim Chi and will have chance to participate in different competitions such as shuttlecock kicking, balloon couples, and so on. In Vietnam - Korea Food and Culture Festival, famous Korean food companies such as Namyang, CJ, Miwon, Paldo, Ottogi, K-Mart, Star Korea, etc. will introduce its products and sell these products at low prices. Along with culinary activities, many recreational activities will be held including showing outdoor film and organizing fashion show. Especially, the festival will welcome the attendance of Vietnamese famous singer Van Mai Huong and K-POP group St.319. Besides, there are some booths for taking Korean photographs and wearing traditional costume Hanbok prepared by Korea Tourism Organization.


wearing Hanbok - traditional Korean costumes


The biggest difference of Vietnam - Korea Cultural and Culinary Festival 2014 in comparison to the previous ones is that visitors can freely attend in the festival. Visitors can buy lucky draw coupon with the price of 20,000 VND and try their luck with attractive prizes such as motorcycles, LCD TV, and many other valuable prizes. Similar to the previous years, the full amount of the profits earned from selling lucky draw coupon will be donated to help the poor in Vietnam. It was reported that the last year festival earned more than USD $7,000 to help people affected by floods in the central region of Vietnam. According to the Organizing Committee, this year festival will attracts the attendance of 80,000 visitors. 

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