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Vesak Vietnam 2014 closing ceremony at Bai Dinh Pagoda

Sat, 10 May 2014. Last updated Sat, 15 Nov 2014 11:29

On May 10th, the closing ceremony of United Nations Day of Vesak Vietnam 2014 has been formally celebrated at Bai Dinh Pagoda, Ninh Binh Province.

The closing ceremony had the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnamese government along with Heads of central departments and ministries, international representatives and thousands of Buddhists all around the world. Achieving the consensus of all representatives and Buddhists participating in the celebration, Vesak Vietnam 2014 has declared the Ninh Binh joint statement for the development of global Buddhism.

Ninh Binh joint statement concentrates on establishing the peace, recovering relationship after conflict, calling for conflict reconciliation, criticizing for force using, and spreading the Buddhism compassion all over the world.  The statement also emphasizes that political leaders should resolve disputes relating to sovereignty, sovereignty rights, territorial integrity and jurisdiction of exclusive economical zone and continental shelf through negotiation and other peaceful solutions which are in accordance with international laws, including the UN Convention on the Law of Sea in 1982.


Deligates in the Closing Ceremoney Vesak 2014


Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnamese government stated that the UN Day of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam was a great success. He congratulated Vietnam Sangha of Buddhism, International Organizing Committee and Organizers of Vesak 2014 on that success. He also thanked representatives, Buddhists and tourists who had spent time on participating in this year Vesak. The flag of humanity, peace, friendship and cooperation has been unfurled in Hanoi in 2008 and this time in Bai Dinh Pagoda, Ninh Binh Province. Representatives of the international organizing committee of UN Day of Vesak has public announced the success of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam and expressed the deep gratitude to the Government of Vietnam for great supports for Vesak 2014 celebration.


Perfomance in Closing Ceremony Vesak 2014


The Government of Vietnam has appreciated contributions of individuals and organizations to the great success of Vesak 2014, especially, acknowledged the efforts of Vietnam Sangha of Buddhism to host successfully such important event. Also on this occasion, the International Organizing Committee has held Buddhist International Film Festival with the participation of over 40 countries and territories all around the world. Vesak 2014 was formally celebrated with the attendance of 10,000 representatives, of which 1,500 were international representatives from 95 countries, along with thousands of Buddhists in Vietnam and foreign nations as well. The noble theme of the celebration “Buddhist Perspective towards achieving the United Nations millennium development goals” was solemnly professed in peace and great responsibility. 

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