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International Finger-Style Guitar Festival in Vietnam 2015

Sat, 04 Jul 2015. Last updated Sat, 04 Jul 2015 11:25

In 17 July 2015, at the Youth Theatre in Hanoi, International Finger-Style Guitar Festival in Vietnam 2015 - Vietnam IFSGF 2015 will take place. With the participation of many famous artists. It is expected to show many outstanding performances.

International Finger-Style Guitar Festival in Vietnam 2015 (Vietnam IFSGF 2015) will take place in 17 July 2015 in Youth Theater in Hanoi. The program has the participation of six performing artists from countries and territories, including Huang Chia-Wei (Taiwan, China), Agustin Amigo (Spain), Andy Ngew (Malaysia), Paddy Sun (China), Masa Sumide (Japan), and Jacques Stotzem (Belgium). International Finger-Style Guitar Festival (IFSGF) was firstly held in 2010. This is the first time the festival was held in Vietnam. The performance at Youth Theater is one in five shows of IFSGF 2015 with the name Vietnam International Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2015. The rest shows will be held in South Korea, Malaysia, and China.

Finger-Style guitar solo is a new category loved by young Vietnamese people. The attraction of this genre lies in the exciting performance style. The guitarist not only performers, but also play in the combination with the rhythm of the percussive section when manually banging, clapping on the body of the guitar. That the attraction of this art makes the Youth Theater and Wind Strings Entertainment bring finger-style guitar to Vietnam. Previously in April, the group organization also invited Guitarist Sung Ha Jung to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, there have not been schools or art centers teaching the subject. Thus, as Mr. Do Duong Tung - Chairman of Vietnam Finger-Style Guitar Organization shared that to access the art; young people in Vietnam had to learn by themselves. "I think Vietnam Finger-Style Guitar Festival is not just a chance for the audience, but also the guitar players can approach, exchange with international players to boost the art guitar in Vietnam more diverse", he said.   

Jacques Stotzem Guitarist

During the festival in Hanoi, each artist will have 3-5 performances. Paddy Sun with Sunflower, Jacquest Stotzem with Jungle, Masa Sumide with Night Groove, Agustin Amigo with Swimming In The Sky, Huang Chia-Wei with Departure, and Andy Ngew with See You Again My Friend. Huang Chia-Wei: the difference in the growth and living environment create the difference in music of Huang Chia-Wei. His music, sometimes are romantic and touching melodies, sometimes are songs making the audience want to dance together. Agustin Amigo: Agustin Amigo has an intense passion for fingerstyle guitar. He owns a studio and records high-quality music on his own. Creativity in the use of partial capo has become his own characteristics. This makes melodies clearer, and guitar sound unique. Agustin frequently appears in various music festivals in the world; and his performances are always appreciated highly. Paddy Sun, author of the hit Sunflower - a phenomenon in Vietnam since it was posted on youtube in 2009. It makes young people in Vietnam come to guitar and fingerstyle. At the end of 2013, in the first Vietnam Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Festival in Vietnam, he was invited as an online examiner for an award named Paddy Sun.

Paddy Sun Guitarist

Andy Ngew is the new generation of Malaysia fingerstyle. Andy's music is similar to his personality, warm and diverse. He learned classic guitar when he was a little boy. After that, when he heard the music of finger-style, he passionates about the art. He joined many finger-style contests to improve his level. And, he got many awards such as Tommy Emmanuel, Adam Rafferty, and Sungha Jung… Jacques Stotzem: Jacques Stotzem started to play guitar with Blue music when he was 16. Since then, guitar is his passion and his life. His style is the combination of romantic melodies and vibrant acoustic rock ones. In his performance, he plays his melodies and rock versions of Jimi Hendrix, U2 and Rory Gallagher... Masa Sumide is the leading solo guitarist in Japan. He is dubbed the "King of improvisational guitar". His music is eventful, making the audience shake in every second. The festival is expected to be an impressive cultural music exchange with the diversity in emotions and colorful convergence. With the effort of organizing such a featured international event like this, the organization hopes to improve the development of finger-style guitar in Vietnam music, and attract more audience to the latest Vietnam guitar music. 

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