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Preparation for Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015

Tue, 17 Mar 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:02

It is estimated that Ben Tre Coconut Festival will take place from April 7-13 with the participation of some country members of World Coconut Association, 10 provinces having strength of coconut in Vietnam, coconut enterprises in Vietnam, and farmers.

Following the success of the third Ben Tre Coconut Festival in 2012, Ben Tre province will continue to hold the 4th Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015 – one of the most important festivals in Mekong River Delta, and festivals in Vietnam. According to the scheme on organizing Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015, this event will have a national scale, and it will be held for 7 days, from April 7 to 13, 2015 in Ben Tre City. Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015 is organized for the purpose of enhancing promotion, introducing coconut industry in Vietnam, Ben Tre coconut products in particular and coconut products Vietnam in general to domestic and international tourists. Also, it creates opportunity to exchange experience in planting, processing and consumption of coconut products between farmers and domestic and international enterprises, and promoting links to gradually improve values of Ben Tre and Vietnam coconut products.


Parade during Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2012


During the festival, there will be special activities organized such as opening ceremony, closing ceremony, parade, Southern Food Festival, Ben Tre Coconut Beauty contest, coconut garden competition, honoring coconut farmers, and launching composing Ben Tre poetry. Visitors coming to the festival will have the opportunity to experience "Sparkling waters tours". In particular, the highlight of the festival is the "Week of Culture - Tourism" with diverse contents which promise to attract more visitors. In addition, many activities will take place on the sidelines of the festival such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars. Ben Tre Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Culture said that preparations for Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015 is being actively developed in close collaboration with departments and branches of promotion, communication to prepare infrastructure, cultural activities, tourism, trade and services for customers... As directed by the leadership of Ben Tre province, in the time coming, departments and specialized agencies of the province should continue to accelerate the preparation for the festival, focus on promotion and propaganda, attention to the activities in Week of Culture - Tourism, and ensure that all visitors can participate in the festival.


Venue of Ben Tre Coconut Festival


Ben Tre is known as the coconut land with an area of 63,000 ha, accounting for 1/3 coconut area of the entire country. Coconut trees have been existing with Ben Tre people for centuries, through the wars and during the building the prosperous homeland. Coconut industry has been playing an important role in the development of economy and society of the province with the output of over 500 millions of coconuts/ year. The value of producing coconut products accounts for more than 15% of the total value of province's industry. Coconut products are being exported to 68 countries and territories in the world. In order to bring the internal strength into play, increase the coconut industry's economic efficiency as well as enhance promotion and propaganda coconut products to other provinces in Vietnam and other countries in the world, Ben Tre organized three coconut festivals (2009, 2010, and 2012). The successful organization of Ben Tre Coconut Festival 2015 will be an opportunity to introduce and promote economy's potential through coconut products as well as potentials for eco-tourism in Mekong River Delta and cultural history. It is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the specialties of Ben Tre in particular and the region Mekong Delta in general.

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