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Hung Temple Festival 2015 lasts for six days

Fri, 24 Apr 2015. Last updated Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:23

Hung Temple Festival 2015 is organized to take place in six days from April 23 - 28. The festival has the participation of 5 provinces and outstanding traditional activities. The event will be a chance for locals and visitors to recall Vietnam traditions.

Hung Kings' Death Anniversary - Hung Temple Festival 2015 will take place in six days, from April 23 morning to April 28 (the 5th - 10th day of the third lunar month). The festival was hosted by Phu Tho Province with the participation of five provinces including Son La, Phu Yen, Dac Nong, Tien Giang, and Bac Lieu. Activities in Hung Temple Festival will be organized in the area of Hung Temple, Viet Tri City, communes and wards, along with historical relics worshiping Hung Kings, famous celebrity, and generals under the regime of Hung Kings in Phu Tho. At the press conference on opening the festival on April 16 in Hanoi Mr. Ha Ke San - Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People's Committee, Head of Organizing Committee said that as of present, the direction and implementation of activities were completed. They ensure the solemn and reverent organization of Hung Kings' Death Anniversary, creating a deep impression on local people nationwide and international friends about Vietnamese tradition.


Making Chung Cake contest


As being one of the most important festivals in Vietnam, the ceremony part of the event is held solemnly with community spirit, associated with the festivities honoring the heritage of "Hung Kings Worship", and playful, healthy, and safe entertainment activities in the harmony with traditional folk and modern activities. The Organizing Committee also created favorable conditions for local people and visitors to attend the Death Anniversary of Hung Kings - Hung King Temple Festival 2015. As for the ceremony, the offering incense ritual to commemorate Hung Kings is undertaken by Viet Tri City at 7 AM on April 23 (ie the 5th day of the third lunar month). The anniversary of Lac Long Quan's Death is held on April 24 at 7 AM (i.e. the 6th day of the third lunar month). The commemorating Au Co anniversary is held on April 24 at 7 AM (i.e. the 6th day of the third lunar month). The official ritual of Hung Kings's Death Anniversary is organized on April 28 (i.e. the 10th day of the third lunar month).


Procession delegation of a commune in Viet Tri


The procession ceremonies to Hung Temple of communes, wards and towns around the historic area of Hung Temple take place from 8AM on April 25 and 26 (ie the 7th and 8th day of the third lunar month). The localities in which there are temples worshiping Hung Kings, celebrities, and famous generals under Hung Kings' Empire offer incense at the same time with the offering ceremony at Hung King Temple at 7 AM on the 10th day of the third lunar month in accordance with traditional ceremony. In terms of festive part, Hung Temple will be the venue of Northwest Travel Expanded Fair 2015 with the participation of 8 northwestern provinces, Phu Tho Tourism Association, Nara province (Japan), and 13 districts and cities in Phu Tho. The fair is organized to enhance the tourism development cooperation between provinces in Northwest Vietnam, contributing to the expansion and development of Northwest Tourism in Northwest.


Xoan singing in Hung Temple Festival


Besides, the organizers also hold exhibitions of photos and artifacts of the entire country in the progression to Hung Temple. In addition, there are performances of drum beating, unicorn dances, making Chung Cake and Day Cake contest, cultural camps, art performances of provinces participating in the Hung King Festival, and festival of folk songs and Xoan singing... In particular, the art performance of celebrating Hung Temple Festival 2015 will take place at 8PM on April 25 at Hung Vuong Square in Viet Tri City (Phu Tho). The program will be broadcasted live on VTV1- Vietnam Television, with the fireworks performance as an end. The festival's Organizing Committee said that in Phu Tho province has deployed a range of security solutions such as arranging traffic management plan, strengthening market management, and ensuring sanitation. Besides, it is necessary to review systems of restaurants loudspeakers, and sales quotation in the area of Hung Temple...

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