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Festival Hue 2014 brings music closer to the public

Thu, 17 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

On April 15th, at An Dinh palace, the music festival in the framework of Festival Hue was celebrated with the attendance of many troupes over the world, especially the Australian band Deep Blue. It gave audiences an extremely impressive music show.

Deep Blue mesmerized audiences by a completely new way, which was the combination of exotic dances, stunning image effect and unique performance style, the Australian band brings symphony closer to the public. In the concert, artists provided exquisite performances with a wide variety of different musical instruments like violin, guitar, cello, bass… and several popular songs such as “Hong Kong Western”, “Somebody I used to know”….

The music of Deep Blue was the unique mixture of classical music, Pop and film music. Another special feature was that Deep Blue used sound, light and image efficiently to express stories vividly. Deep Blue also performed rock songs dedicated to string-musical instruments, which was remixed from classical music of Australia and many other countries. With no conductor, no stand for instrument, the performance style of Deep Blue was extremely free, charming and vibrant. Particularly, audiences were surprised by artists performing while walking on stilts.  All was the effort of artists to give visitors the closest and deepest feeling of music.


DeepBlue performed in Festival Hue 2014


For more information, Deep Blue was formed based on a project from 2006 to 2008 of Australian Research Council under the Queensland University of Technology. The project aimed to transform common symphony orchestra into a business model, which contributed to bring symphony closer to the public. This is the key to help Deep Blue succeed worldwide with broadcasted shows on TV and live shows across Australia.


Japanese Artists in Festival Hue 2014


Besides Dee Blue, there were many other artists from different countries around the world. Five artists of a band from Finland expressed unique cultural features of their nation through traditional musical instruments such as traditional stringed instruments, jouhikko, vapor instruments, percussion instruments and folk melodies. Mrs. Kirsi Ojala, an artist of that band, stated that he was happy and honor to perform in such great atmosphere. The enthusiastic cheer of audiences made singers so exited. This was the final show so he hoped to come back to Hue city in the future. With their owned performances, the band made tourists understand more about people and culture of a country in Northern Europe.


The Amigos performed at Festival Hue 2014


The music festival in the framework of Festival Hue 2014 was more fascinating with traditional dances of many regions in the world. Girls and boys of Kalasin troupe took tourists around Thailand with dances of Sukothai, Phu Thai, coconut Grapo and Ramakien epic. The dance troupe from Myanmar performed an exciting dance of Lisu ethnic group.

In addition, tourists might also enjoy performances of Stoffer & Maskinen band from Denmark, Duna troupe from Hungary, Ranranga troupe from Sri Lanka, troupe of Children’s Theater from Cuba and Thang Long Music Hall from Vietnam.    

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