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Cultural Activities in Ok Om Bok Festival

Mon, 10 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:54

As expected, from November 2nd to 7th, Khmer ethnic groups eagerly organized Ok Om Bok Festival in Tra Vinh Province. Many meaningful cultural activities were held in the festival such as trade fair, boat racing Dua Ghe Ngo, Moon Worshiping Festival …

Specifically, on November 2nd, Tra Vinh Province held the opening ceremony of Mekong River Delta Trade Fair, a program in a series of activities of Ok Om Bok Festival, one of important festivals in Vietnam. The trade fair was attached with the National Trade Promotion Program 2014 with the attendance of 410 booths from more than 200 domestic enterprises. It was held with an objective of introducing and displaying Vietnam high-quality products and the regional flagship products. The opening ceremony of the trade fair was considered as the preliminary event of Ok Om Bok Festival. Mekong River Delta Trade Fair ended yesterday, November 7th in the same day Moon Worshiping Festival came to the end. Mr. Kim Ngoc Thai, Vice Chairman of Tra Vinh People's Committee said that the objectives of the trade fair was to create connection between enterprises in and out the province, contribute to promote economic development programs, and expand domestic and foreign markets.


Activities in Ok Om Bok Festival


Being known as one of most anticipated activity in Ok Om Bok Festival, Dua Ghe Ngo competition took place in November 5th. Dua Ghe Ngo is a traditional boat racing of Khmer people which is annually held on the occasion of Ok Om Bok Festival taking place. This year Dua Ghe Ngo competition welcomed the participation of 7 teams representing for 7 districts in Tra Vinh Province which are Cau Ke, Tieu Can, Tra Cu, Chau Thanh, Duyen Hai, and Cau Ngang. It is expected that there were 500 athletes participating in the competition. Besides, the competition also welcomed approximately 10,000 local citizens and tourists visiting. In the competition, visitors also had chance to enjoy music and dance performance performed by college's students of Tra Vinh University.


Dua Ghe Ngo Competition


Most recently, in the evening November 6th, Tra Vinh People's Committee officially held Ok Om Bok Festival in Ba Om Pond. At the same time, the province was honored to receive the title of Ok Om Bok Festival recognized as one of Vietnam intangible cultural heritages. This event had the greatly important meaning with Khmer people in general and Tra Vinh's inhabitants in particular. In the festival, audience had a wonderful opportunity to see special repertoires. Especially, Moon Worshiping Festival - the main ritual of Ok Om Bok - according to the traditional rites of the Khmer people was elaborately staged and recreated images of Khmer people worshiping Moon. Following by Moon Worshiping Festival was a parade around Ba Om Pond and contest of releasing flower garlands and colored lanterns. Ok Om Bok is one of the biggest festivals of Khmer People. At the same time, Khmer community in other southwest provinces in Vietnam also organized Ok Om Bok Festival. 

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