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Vung Tau closed the International Kite Festival 2014

Tue, 13 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

After three days with amazing performances and programs, in the evening of May 11 2014, at Intourco Resort, Vung Tau City officially closed the fifth International Kite Festival Ba Ria Vung Tau 2014.

This time festival had the participation of 70 leading kite artisans from 3 regions in Vietnam with traditional typical kites such as flute kite of the North, Hue traditional kite of the Central and modern kite in aerodynamic principles of the South. The festival was also honored to welcome 65 kite artisans from 21 foreign countries and territories around the world, including Germany, Denmark, Netherland, France, England, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippine, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Canada, USA, Brazil and Mexico.

During the festival, tourists participated in charming performances of flute kite and 4-string kite, and attractive competitions of rokkaku kite. Tourists witnessed giant kites which were awarded as Vietnamese records such as Chu Teu kite (a narrator with a plump body and peach-shaped hair in Vietnamese folk story) 10 meter long, Fairy kite 12 meter long, especially the Tiger snake kite 81 meter long and Vietnamese national flag in 320 square meters. In the cozy atmosphere of the closing ceremony, the Organizing Committee has awarded the medal for kite troupes participating in this year festival. Mr. Ho Van Nien, Vice Chairman of Ba Ria – Vung Tau People’s Committee thanked kite artisans for the enthusiastic contribution to the festival. They brought to Vung Tau City a colorful painting of kite which was attractive to both domestic and international tourists. He officially sent the invitations to artisans and tourists to continue visiting Vung Tau for the 6th International Kite Festival which is scheduled to take place in 2015.


Performance in International Kite Festival 2014


Mr. Quan Hang Cao, Deputy Head of Organizing Committee and a kite artisan as well, who attended all five times of the International Kite Festival stated that after 5 times organized, the festival has grown its position. The greatest successes of this 5th festival are that the number of kite clubs and artisans has increased; kites taking part in performances have been more professional and more beautiful. Particularly, organizing committee held Night Kite programs successfully for the first time. The program was appreciated and extremely favored by tourists.


Colorful kites in the International Kite Festival 2014


The organizing committee revealed that ten thousands of tourists all around the world had flocked to Vung Tau to contemplate unique beautiful kites as well as to enjoy relaxing times on beaches. Hotels, resorts and public amusement places were upgraded and tested service quality to satisfy the demand of tourists. With the theme of “peaceful dance”, the fifth International Kite Festival has achieved goals of bringing tourists an amazing space for relaxing, promoting the national traditional values and developing kite art in Vietnam. This is also the chance to develop Vung Tau tourism.

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