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Japan Festival will take place in Hanoi

Fri, 19 Dec 2014. Last updated Tue, 03 Apr 2018 16:10

Ake Ome – a Japan Festival will take place in two days December 27th and 28th in Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Hanoi Capital. This year festival will promise to bring visitors a special and unique space to enjoy new experiences and explore Japanese culture.

Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently issued a decision of organizing Ake Ome Festival 2015 to welcome New Year 2015 in Vietnam. Accordingly, this Japanese cultural festival will be held in December 27th and 28th in Giang Vo Exhibition Center. Ake Ome Festival, one of interesting Japan festivals in Vietnam, was take an idea from a Japanese sentence "Akemashite Omedetou", which means Happy New Year. Being organized to create a playground for young Hanoians on the occasion of a new coming year, Ake Ome Festival promises to become one of most meaningful and exciting festivals in Hanoi at the end of this year. The festival also creates a great occasion to strengthen the solidarity and friendship between Japan and Vietnam. This is a not-to-be-missed festival for those who are interested in Japanese culture in general and Yosakai culture in particular. Attending in the festival, visitors have chances to try wearing gorgeous Yakata and taste well-known Japanese traditional dishes. Ake Ome is a useful and wonderful playground for Hanoi youths and Japanese lovers at the end of this year.

Ake Ome Festival poster

Ake Ome Festival will be held with commercial and culinary booths to introduce Vietnam and Japanese traditional handicrafts and delicious dishes. Especially in the festival, visitors will have a chance to see Japanese traditional ornaments in New Year such as Kadomatsu, which is created from bamboo and pine and represented for longevity and health or Koinobori - carp-shaped lanterns which symbolize for the steadfastness and ambition. In the festival, tourists can participate in many cultural activities to welcome New Year including Omijuji (drawing lots in New Year), buying Omamori luck charms and Daruma traditional dolls, trying wearing Yakuta costume (summer kimono), and so on. Especially, young people will have the opportunity to wallow in Japanese traditional dance Yosakoi or participate in vibrant fashion shows and colorful cosplay.

Yosakoi Dance

This year, the Organization Committee will add more miniature sceneries to make the festival become "more Japanese". Besides lanterns, Torri gate, and cherry blossoms, this is the first time in Ake Ome Festival that Mochibana decoration will be added. Mochibana is one of Japanese traditionally decorative features which are quite popular and favorite when spring is coming. They are artificial flowers having pink or white colors. In spite of being known as artificial flowers, Mochibana have many important meanings. They are signals of spring coming in "the land of the Rising Sun" and the bloom of cherry blossoms. Not only meet the demands of exploring Japanese culture, Ake Ome 2015 Festival will organize special programs which are suitable for young generations. Along with cosplay competition, Yosakoi dance contest has attracted more dancing teams in comparison to the previous year. It promises to bring visitors a special and unique space to enjoy new experiences and learn more about Japanese culture. 

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