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Ba Ria Vung Tau hosts International Kite Festival 2014

Sat, 10 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

On May 8th, the opening ceremony of the 5th International Kite Festival with the theme of “Flying with Vietnam” was celebrated in Vung Tau City.

Following the success of the previous festivals, the fifth International Kite Festival 2014 is expected to bring wonderful kite performances to tourists around the world. This year festival is held in Vung Tau City, of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, specifically in tourist location such as: Paradise golf resort, Vung Tau tourism market, East Sea resort and Vung Tau Intourco resort.     

The opening ceremony started with many attractive art performances which represented unique features of Vung Tau, a coastal city. Performances truly left a deep impression on participants. The aim of this year International Kite Festival is to build a bridge exchanging culture, sports and tourism to share experiences between countries for development.


Teams in the International Kite Festival 2014


The opening ceremony had the participation of 150 kite artisans from 22 countries such as: Germany, Denmark, Netherland, France, England, India, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos,… 6 troupes of Vietnam were honored to give participants performances of typical Vietnamese kites such as: flute kite of the North, traditional kite of Hue, modern kite of aerodynamic principle and so on. This year festival also featured many attractive competitions of Rokkaku kite, artistic kite, flute kite, delta kite, diamond kite and barn door kite. In addition, in the framework of the festival, classes of kite crafting were held at Vung Tau tourism market with the teaching of famous kite artisans worldwide. Especially, the first performance of two giant kites, named Chu Teu (a narrator with a plump body and peach-shaped hair in Vietnamese folk story) and Fairy fascinated tourists and local people greatly. Two kites were 10 meters and 12 meters in length respectively, both were 2 meters in width.


Colorful kites in the International Kite Festival 2014


International Kite Festival is the annual event of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province to promote Vietnamese traditional cultural values, develop healthy types of sports and entertainment, simultaneously, create favorable conditions for Vietnamese kite artisans to introduce traditional types of kites to tourist over the world. This is also an occasion for local enterprises to promulgate their trade marks, to share experiences with their counterparts worldwide, and particularly to promote the friendly and hospitable image of Vung Tau tourism to domestic and international tourists.


A beautiful kite in the International Kite Festival 2014


After the opening ceremony, activities and programs will take place actively at Paradise golf resort, Vung Tau tourism market, Vung Tau Intourco Resort and the empty lot near the provincial Administration Center. The 5th International Kite Festival lasts five days from 8th to 12th May 2014.

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